Conyers Calls for Special Counsel, Pelosi Remains Clueless

Via Raw Story:

Rep. John Conyers, chair of the House Judiciary Committee, is demanding a special counsel with a “full investigative mandate” in the CIA destroyed tapes case, according to a press release.


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has also issued a statement regarding Mukasey’s announcement, describing it as “a reflection of the seriousness of these charges.” Pelosi expresses concerns similar to those of Conyers, saying that the White House “now has the burden of proving the investigation is truly independent and has appropriate reporting provisions and sufficient scope to uncover the truth.”

bolding mine

Yes Nancy, they have the burden of investigating themselves….that ALWAYS works out so well. Glad to see you are sharpening your spork in preparation for another gunfight with Bushco over their rampant criminality! This is like a bad movie.

How exactly do you expect them to fulfill “the burden of proving the investigation is truly independent”??? By actually finding that Bush authorized the CIA to use torture and then approved them covering it up by destroying evidence? Seriously?

You really expect the same guys who bought off and then pardoned Scooter Libby when Fitz got close to uncovering the Plame Treason to let that happen?


Speaker Pelosi are you REALLY going to just sit by for another entire year, no matter WHAT Bushco does? Is it THAT threatening to your position of power to just call for full and complete investigations, to DEMAND that investigations are taken out of the hands of the most corrupted Justice Department in the history of our country? To INSIST on a Special Counsel, even THA is too much for you?

Conyers again:

“The Justice Department’s record over the past seven years of sweeping the administration’s misconduct under the rug has left the American public with little confidence in the Administration’s ability to investigate itself,” adds Conyers. “Nothing less than a special counsel with a full investigative mandate will meet the tests of independence, transparency and completeness.”

Well said, John. Now if only we had a Speaker who would fight back we might be able to make some progress towards uncovering and < gasp! > prosecuting the criminals in the WH who have authorized torture….and now will investigate themselves, gosh, I wonder what their conclusion will be?

Heck, if there is even a semblance of an independent honest investigation…we might end up having have to try…..and then pardon …MORE low level functionaries so justice can be fruther obstructed!

I ask again….what will it take? What will make you wake up Speaker Pelosi? What possible circumstance needs to occur before our Speaker of the House actually moves strongly to hold a spying, torturing, war mongering President and Vice President accountable? Obstruction of Justice? Got that. Perjury from the Attorney General before Congress? Got that. Destruction of evidence that was withheld from the 9/11 Commision? Got that. Bunches of Representatives calling desperately for Impeachment investigations? Got that. Massive publis support for Impeachment? Got that.

Fuck Politics, Nancy. We are fighting for our Republic and The Rule of Law and the Constitution here…this is not about maneuvering for advantage…this is as serious as it gets. Unleash the hounds and go after these guys, no one has ever deserved it more.

What WILL it take, Speaker Pelosi? What will it take to see justice done?


UPDATE: As I “go to press” I find this…

Pelosi called for an international investigation into the Dec. 27 assassination of Bhutto

Insult to injury.


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    • robodd on January 3, 2008 at 8:26 pm

    issue for the attorneys at the DOJ.  What happens if the investigation reveals that the DOJ had some connection to the destruction?  That someone at the white house does?  Isn’t there an inherent, unethical conflict-a disincentive to do a full investigation–if it is possible (perhaps likely) that the DOJ/Whitehouse was involved in the destruction?  

    Perhaps a letter to the Virginia (I think that is where prosecutor Durham practices) bar is called for?

    • pfiore8 on January 3, 2008 at 8:29 pm

    sun shining. dog is sleeping right by my feet. i’m listening to Vince Guaraldi’s Charlie Brown Christmas (yes, dammit… i’m still listening to xmas music)

    so why do we need to talk about Nancy Pelosi? when it was going so well here today.

    i have only so much room for stupidity. because it’s beyond complicity. or bad negotiation skills. now we’ve all been dragged into stupid territory

    boss, i’ve come to the conclusion that she isn’t interested in seeing justice done. she doesn’t perceive any criminality at all… she’s one of those “this is how government works” types. and we should all just get out of her way so she can facilitate for BushCo.

    here’s Nancy, right here:

    “And if they were poor, and they were sleeping on my sidewalk, they’d be arrested for loitering, but because they have ‘impeach Bush’ across their chest, it’s the First Amendment.

    i am grateful for one thing, however. she seems to have stopped wearing that god awful blue eye shadow

  2. I think she’s so committed to off-the-table that she’s willing to tolerate anything.

    I’ve lost track of the number of impeachable offenses that have occurred. Pelosi doesn’t want justice. that might rock the boat. better to lie low and pretend we’re powerless.

    unfortunately for us, she’s undermining any possible notion of deterrence for future presidents/VPs who don’t feel like obeying laws meant to protect our rights. she thinks she’s doing the right thing for the Democratic Party — she is SORELY mistaken. all she’s done is encourage future constitutional criminals and reinforce the stereotype of Democrats as spineless opportunists without any principles.

    back in the darkest of these dark ages (2002-4ish), I used to defend the Democratic Party, but I just can’t do it anymore. if Pelosi won’t defend us, why in the HELL should we defend her?


    To:  U.S. House of Representatives

    Online Petition to Remove Pelosi as Speaker of the House of Representatives

    by Scott Creighton

    In the event of a rogue presidency, the founders of our great nation provided for protections for us, the citizens, under the constitution in the form of a process called impeachment.


    libertyforum is still offline – this huge site went down at the time of Bhuto slaying and has not been back up.  LF tells the truth about the duel-citizenship betrayals.

    Don’t worry the truth will get out and Bush and Cheney will be impeached…just a question of time…

    Hersh: children raped at Abu Ghraib, Pentagon has videos  

  4. Forgive me if I’m not surprised, but, Jiminy Crickets, we all knew she was clueless long, long ago, and she confirms it over and over again.  She’s a gecko in a world of iguanas. Oh how I wish there were just one, fire breathing dragon in the House.  Like this one:


  5. appointed?

    Conyers has issued subpoenas, demanded information, made all kinds of basically “useless” efforts.  Subpoenas have not been responded to, information has not been brought forth, etc. — a waste of time.

    In terms of Ms. Pelosi, I’m not entirely convinced that she didn’t do more than shake hands with Bush at the outset of her tenure.  

    Impeachment is the only way to get any answers to anything!!!

    Speaking of which, the Rose Parade had some 400 Impeach protestors in its midst and they were viewed on TV.

    Impeachment Activists Get Signs on TV at Roses Parade

    There are also videos of the protestors.  

    Now, Rep. Mike Michaud has written a letter to Chairman Conyers calling for impeachment hearings now.

    Congressman Mike Michaud, a conservative and Blue Dog Democrat from Maine sent a letter over the holiday break to House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers calling for impeachment hearings of Vice President Dick Cheney.

    Michaud is not among the 25 cosponsors of Rep. Dennis Kucinich’s H Res 333 (also known as H Res 799), a resolution stipulating articles of impeachment against Cheney. Michaud is also not among a group of Judiciary Committee Members led by Rep. Robert Wexler who have called for hearings to begin, and who plan to send their own letter to Conyers this month. (Michaud is not on the committee.) But Michaud shares the position of congress members Wexler, Luis Gutierrez, and Anthony Weiner that hearings should be held first and articles drafted when and if called for by the evidence exposed. For reports on the progress of the various groups of congress members now pushing for impeachment of Cheney see: . . . .

    So already they’re are a couple of positive notes for this New Year!

  6. …clueless in gaza and beyond…

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