Convicted Phone-Jammer Tells All

Caught this Over at ABC News this morning leaving for work.

Disgraced Ex-GOP Consultant Allen Raymond Reveals His Dirty Tricks as Party’s ‘Fall Guy’

What does it take to win the New Hampshire primary   dirty tricks or retail politics?

Well low and behold this little snake is really going strong in pushing his book, wonder if rovey will do same.

Listening to NPR, while on the jobsite, and what should I hear:

On Talk of the Nation

GOP Consultant Reveals Politics’ Dirty Tricks

Author Allen Raymond talks about his book, How To Rig An Election: Confessions of a Republican Operative.

Raymond, who went to prison for his role in a scheme to jam the Democratic Party’s phone lines during New Hampshire’s 2002 Senate elections, says that dirty tricks are commonplace in the political world and reforms are badly needed.

There’s an Excerpt of his book at the above link.

And you can listen by clicking here or at the site.

He’s got a Degree for this and how many know there’s a Degree for ‘Lobbying’, I didn’t, but than again I’ve been wondering what they’ve been teaching in Colleges for the past 20yrs., now I know!!