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About five minutes ago I was on Big Orange writing a comment in another candidate diary and suddenly I was like, fuck it. I need to stop reading these. This is terrible. But I like hanging around because there’s so much interesting commentary and excellent points being made on all sides. I seriously can’t turn away, it’s so entertaining. Call it navel-gazing, blood sport or what, but damn. This is world class entertainment.

Forgive the shorthand and oversimplification, but it’s like Rambo, seeing the Hillbots go in against the ABH diaries, and vice versa, and pissed off Edwards people all over the place, some rampant ageism, and then people calling for calm, some just trying to ride it out, some really obnoxious trolls, lots of posters just going SNAP and leaving, and then some people offering the most brilliant political commentary I’ve ever read.

But since reading them or commenting in them isn’t doing me or the world any damn good, I decided that every time I wade into one, I’m going to immediately leave. If I want to be on a blog, I’ll start writing a diary on Docudharma or Lose the Label about something decidedly NOT related to the election. Better yet, I’ll just run away from my computer.

Anyway, for my first exile from Candidasia, here are some lyrics videos for songs I wrote. Except the first one, which is a cover. Feel free to pick at it, or snag free downloads here.

Feel Like I’m Fixin to Die Rag (Country Joe and the Fish cover)

^I don’t know much about Jerry Rubin, but that one quote is so relevant. And the song, the song is just ridiculously fun to sing. I love these lyrics so much.

Trust Your Distrust (B version)

^This song is also fun.

Nuclear Rock

^this is the title track of an album I made in late 2006. call me pessimistic, but how long can a species exist with a gun to its head?

Just Another Cog

^not an antiwar song, but the themes — apathy, materialism and consequences — are still relevant.

These Colors Can’t Walk (B version)

^this one’s for W.

I want to post some diaries that talk about some songs individually (I have 12 videos right now), but that’ll be for some other day. Possibly the next time I wander into a minefield candidate diary. Anyway, thanks for reading/listening. Hope you find something you like.



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  1. just wanted to say thanks for all the kind comments in my diary last week. that totally made my day for 2 days.

    also for the record, on Daily Kos I post as voteharder. (just in case you’re wondering who the H this “meteoriot” guy is to be talking about big orange.) I changed my SN because … eh, just because.

    • RiaD on January 23, 2008 at 10:30

    its 4 AM where i am, so listening to your music is out for a coupla hours 🙁

    as soon as the house wakes up i’ll listen

    i like the way you’ve chosen to get release from orange…

  2. over the last few months…It’s much easier to find something of substance here because you don’t need to constantly filter out all the candidate diaries.  I still have my heart set on Gore, but if not I’ll go for Kucinich :p  The front runner race just feels like sport at this point and I’m not much of a sports fan…

    Glad to see you here again 🙂

    • RiaD on January 23, 2008 at 17:29

    I really like nuclear rock- Great song..

    just another cog is wonderful- specially the video..

    & i really really hope you sent these colors can’t walk to 1600 penn!

    Good music, great videos, fantastic message!


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