Action: Support Domestic Partnerships in NM

Quickie action diary here, no filler:

The New Mexico state legislature is re-considering a bill to create domestic partnerships, a bill that failed by only one vote last time around.  From Equality New Mexico:

Couples who register would be entitled to most of the legal protections of marriage under state law. However, domestic partners get none of the federal protections of marriage.  Equality New Mexico does not contend that this legislation provides equality, and we will continue to fight until all New Mexicans are treated equally under the law.  However, this legislation goes a long way toward making sure all families have access to the basic protections all families deserve.

Keep in mind that New Mexico has already successfully passed a non-discrimination act covering both sexuality and gender, in 2003.  This is a state that has been pushing the progressive envelope, and activists there need our support.

What you can do:

* Check out latinleo’s diary at dailykos, which contains contact information for state legislators.  If you know anyone living in New Mexico, please pass the information on.  If you don’t know anyone in New Mexico… well, a friendly email or two couldn’t hurt, could it?

* Consider supporting groups like Equality New Mexico, who’ve been on the forefront of this fight for equality.


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    • pico on January 18, 2008 at 1:12 am

    per latinleo’s diary update, the bill has passed committee on a party-line vote: 4 Dems yea, 4 Reps nay.  The floor vote could be a repeat of last year’s, with the generally party-line voting that should be favoring the Democrats, except that four voted with the Republicans.  Those are the pressure points.  

    Let’s make it happen!  If you know anyone in New Mexico, now is the time to contact them and ask them to contact their Senator/Representative.  Cheers!

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