A poem

This poem started off on dailyKos….I added a lot of images, fixed some of the text, and put it all below the fold

Chickenhawks , chickenhawks,

running our great land , ,

Invading foreign countries

and taking craven stands

Sending other people’s kids to die.

Their time will come when we ask WHY?

The stock of Halliburton went climbing through the roof

When asking why your father died, you should demand

the truth

It was not about the weapons (there were none there you


It sure as hell was not about spreading democracy.

Bush’s daughters aren’t there

Nor Romney’s children either

When asked why they aren’t there (after all, they’ve  

 not defected)

He says they’re serving Uncle Sam by getting him


All these brave chickenhawks may dream

I hope that they have nightmares.

But when we ask whose boots are these?

They surely aren’t theirs.


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    • plf515 on January 8, 2008 at 15:46

    after last night’s poetry jam on dailyKos, I figured that this might fit here.

    • OPOL on January 8, 2008 at 21:21

    I do love poetry.  🙂

  1. it’s nice to find a poem that puts my head back in a space that is about the real, beyond the frenzy of today.

  2. the way you broke the poem and images….

    telling punctuation….

    very cool, thank you…….

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