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Some diseases are worth bragging about – how many times, after all, have we heard Denny Crane blame something or another on his Mad Cow, or seen Peter Griffin utilize a bizarre ailment to justify even more bizarrely cartoonish behavior?  In non-tropical circles, certain maladies are conversation stoppers; it’s tough not to ask a follow-up question when someone tells you she was once afflicted with break-bone fever, nor to listen without morbid curiosity to someone telling a story of having a brush with African sleeping sickness.

There are other diagnoses, though, that we tend to keep to ourselves – and some these might be appropriate for an historiorant coming the week after many a misspent New Year’s Eve.  Join me, if you will, in the Cave of the Moonbat, where tonight we’ll take a look at the odd story of one such affliction-that-must-not-be-named.  Ladies and gentlemen, an STD that’s changed world history… Syphilis!

Three articles and a call to action by the U.S. and the Presidential Candidates

On January 2nd, it was revealed that the Iraqi Government is considering releasing 5000 prisoners from its jails in a move toward amnesty but has explicitly excluded homosexuals from any possibility of such release.

Earlier in 2007, it was revealed that death squads, possibly with the sanctioning of elements of the government of Iraq, were targeting gay men and women and believed to be killing them.

In June of 2007, the United States military acknowledged that it was aware of the actions being taken against gay Iraqi people by other Iraqis.

I would like to highlight the following paragraph in the last mentioned article:

“It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, when we’re in a fledgling time like this, to go in and say, ‘Here’s these issues that are going to repel 80 percent of the population and this is what we want to inflict on you,'” he said. “We’re trying not to get into too many values judgment type issues and just do the right thing.”

Army Maj. Joseph Todd Breasseale, chief of the Media Relations Division of the Multinational Corps in Iraq

So Long, and Thanks For All the Fish

Effective immediately, I am resigning my post as a contributing editor of Docudharma and taking an indefinite hiatus from posting.

I wish buhdy and the rest of you the very best of success with the site and all future ventures.  This is a choice I have made for entirely personal reasons, and should not be seen by anyone as a comment on or criticism of any action or political position of the site or its management.  

I’d like to thank very much everyone here who has read and in particular responded to the various postings I have made here since the launch of the site.  Many of us have often disagreed about a great deal, but I have personally always greatly enjoyed the exchange.  You have my deepest gratitude for your interest and passion.

My best wishes to all of you for a wonderful and successful 2008.

Republicans Need Do-Over Debates.

So I’ve been suffering through the Paul-less Thug “Forum” of the Thug Network, Faux Noise, so heinous their open and obvious advocacy of 9iu11ani that even Thugs shun them as biased Beltway bootlickers.

And I’m about to take it apart bit by bit but I suddenly flash on the fact that the fantasy fest is finally exposed anyway, that last night’s juxtaposition of their back to back bizarro and reality world visions seal the deal.

This in studio puff piece of makeuped and lighted comedy cuts to the chase that is the manicured mannequin idiot mouthpieces of the plutocrat class and their Villager serfs.  I hope they broadcast it forever- corrupt to the core corporatist cronies of our totalitarian takeover and the surveillance society.

TV watch you.

The reasons they need Do-Overs is they are ashamed and embarrassed by the very nature of the shameless sycophants, racists and greedos that ditto their dubious declarations.  A bunch of Bible brandishing brainless twits they seek nothing so much as to openly display their basest biased prejudices to cheers of forced approval.

Clap.  Clap.  Clap.  Clap.  All hail the Hypnotoad.

I hope the hypocrisy of anyone who takes this travesty of what used to be a political party and is now nothing more than a cadre of criminals seriously self identifies as Villagers so we can shun them.

Even Hollywood can’t put lipstick on this pig.



r a d i o h e a d

Well, I tried writing something about the above video but I am sure you’ll all understand what I was trying to write just by watching.  Something about Doing it Ourselves and the joy that that brings. And the attraction of the studio where the artist can be left alone to invent and discover then release items for public consumption when the time is right and not a moment sooner.  Add on to that the inclusion of the mystic and absurd so that we steer clear of idle sincerity.  Intermingled with a desire to yell, scream and cry all in tune and without dropping a beat. No this isn’t important but it is, like your last exam before summer vacation.  Would you prefer a more refined video with fire and ladies dancing?  Be honest.  Would you prefer to see filled glasses of alcohol and some severe rump shakin’?  Or is the experience of creating something new what a music video could and should be about?


What Happened to the Oil Law “Benchmark” for Iraq?

I think you’ll remember the much discussed benchmark, the so-called “Oil Revenue Sharing Law”. President Bush has said that passage of the oil law will result in the sharing of oil revenue among all Iraqis and that its passage will help unify the country. The oil law has broad support in Congress among both democrats and republicans. The Iraq Study Group supports its passage as does the IMF.

The legislation of the new Iraqi Oil & Gas Law by the Iraqi parliament has become the most important benchmark of the US Administration, its oil lobbies, the IOCs, the IMF, and the occupying forces. The Bush administration wants this law to be passed as soon as possible, whatever the cost to the Iraqi people.


A year has passed since the landmark deadline of December 2006, for the Iraqi government to deliver the long awaited Iraqi oil law. The Iraqi Parliament has not passed it. Let’s take a look at what has happened.


With the exception of a $20 bill I once dropped in a hat at a Nader rally, I’ve never once given money to a politician.  Today, I sent five fat Benjamins to Barack Obama.

To those of you who disagree with his “bring America together” message because Republicans cannot, will not, or should not be bargained with:  You’re absolutely right.  But I don’t think Obama is really that naive.  He simply knows how to put forth a winning message.  That kind of political strength and savvy will put him in a far stronger position to take on the Republicans when it counts.

This man is a progressive at heart, and I think he will be our ally once in office.  Look at what he accomplished in the Illinois legislature.  A politician who will stand up for the rights of criminal defendants is a rare and courageous leader.  And to do it successfully — that’s practically unheard of.  It’s a sign of a profound persuasive ability.

But Obama is way too smart to lead with that kind of agenda.  Nobody could win the primary (much less the general election) on an Edwards platform right now, and Obama would be foolish to try it.  That isn’t to say he’s disingenuous;  but he knows how to frame the fight, and that is something Democrats haven’t been able to do well since JFK.

Make no mistake, this guy is very, very good, and his people clearly know what they’re doing.  

Now, to be quite honest, I’m willing to vote for damned near anybody who can knock out Clinton.  But for the first time in my life, I actually feel good about supporting a major presidential candidate.  

Obama’s the real deal, folks.  Let’s give the man a chance.  

You don’t bring “Kumbaya” to a gunfight

Look, I’m not going to write a “candidate diary.” I never read those, and I wouldn’t expect anyone else to read them, either.

But BenGoshi’s diary on the Big Orange Satan today got me. I hear what he’s saying.

Charlie Got His Wish

MR. GIBSON: So I hope we have time to get to some of that. But before we get to it, talking about domestic policy, I want to get to the concept of change.

The word “change” was uttered 74 times in the New Hampshire Democratic debate on Saturday.  A total of 42 of these came during the segment in which Charlie Gibson asked the candidates to say the word “change”.

Like many battles, this one began quietly.  Sen. Clinton tried to meet Charlie’s challenge by uttering the word “change” a mere four times.

SEN. CLINTON: Well, let me say first that I think we’re all advocating for change. We all want to change the status quo, which is George W. Bush and the Republican domination of Washington for so many years. And we all are putting forth ideas about how best to deliver that change.

But I don’t think you make change by, you know, calling for it or by demanding it. I think it is a result of very hard work, bringing people together, stating clearly what your goals are, what your principles are, and then achieving them.

But that wasn’t going to do!  Edwards explained things to her . . .  

Mr. Edwards: Thank you. Thank you. No, you’re welcome. You’re more than welcome.

Let me just say a quick word about this. You know, Senator Obama and I have differences. We do. We have a difference about health care, which he and I have talked about before. We have a fundamental difference about the way you bring about change. But both of us are powerful voices for change.

And I might add, we finished first and second in the Iowa caucus, I think in part as a result of that.

Now, what I would say is this: Any time you speak out powerfully for change, the forces of status quo attack. That’s exactly what happens. It’s fine to have a disagreement about health care. To say that Senator Obama is having a debate with himself from some Associated Press story, I think is just not — that’s not the kind of discussion we should be having. I think that every time this happens — what will occur every time he speaks out for change, every time I fight for change, the forces of status quo are going to attack. Every single time. And what we have to remember — and this is the overarching issue here — because what we really need in New Hampshire and in future state primaries is we need an unfiltered debate between the agents of change, about how we bring about that change, because we have differences about that. But the — the one thing I do not argue with him about is he believes deeply in change and I believe deeply in change. And anytime you’re fighting for that, I mean, I didn’t hear these kinds of attacks from Senator Clinton when she was ahead. Now that she’s not, we hear them. And anytime you speak out — anytime you speak out for change, this is what happens.

Edwards took Clinton’s four “changes” and fired back ten!  Clearly, he was having none of this “four” bullshit.  

The tension mounted . . .

See, Here’s the Thing

I have no answers here, so if you are looking for answers, this is not a good essay to read.

See, here’s the thing.  We have a Presidential election campaign going on.  It’s probably a good thing to pay attention to what’s happening there, yep.  After all, one of these folks is going to gain an enormous amount of power in November of 2008.

No question, attention should be paid.

But see, here’s the thing.  I’ve written reams about how not impeaching Bush and Cheney and their gang of criminals will have real consequences.  And I believe we are facing one of those many consequences.

As I am writing this, Bush, Cheney and their gang are breaking the law.  Nor will they stop breaking the law.  We all know this, it’s no secret.

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