WGA strike gossip Dec 19

Tempers are showing,

Award shows aren’t going,

Those words still aren’t flowing,

anyone HO-HO-HO-ing?

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Substance below the fold.

Consumers Support the WGA has Proctor & Gamble’s addresses up — and she doesn’t have the flu, it’s a gall bladder thing. My SIL is dealing with that — we had a discussion last week over dinner about removing it through her bellybutton. She had a hard time with the concept, but hey, so long as her bellybutton is still pretty afterwards…

The WGAQ ‘Union Solidarity Fund’ is now officially the Writers Guild Foundation Industry Support Fund. UH reports that they’re accepting donations to assist non-WGA professionals affected by the strike, although info on how to apply isn’t up yet.

Cash For The Crew is raising money (raffling off autographed scripts) to help crew members affected by the strike, supporting the Motion Picture & Television Fund’s Work Stoppage Relief Fund. And StrikeSwag.com is still selling strike T-shirts, donating profits to the WGA’s Union Solidarity Fund Writers Guild Foundation Industry Support Fund.  

Firedoglake has an easy email letter tool, sending stuff to show producers, and I think you can still buy  pencils.

Some sites to check out for info:  

Nikki Finke, at DeadlineHollywoodDaily.com


WGAeast blog

Livejournal fan supporters


Well, today’s big news is that when you change the fonts, text sizes, and colors on the computer, it’s like having a completely new machine on which everything is slightly (yet disturbingly) different. Also, it seems I have to watch (well, record) the Radio City Christmas Special at 11 tonight (on MSG) — my sister-in-law just announced that she wants to go see it (had a hard time with the concept that we’d need to know that in, like, August), and Dad found out that it’ll be on TV and thought it’d be nice to tape it for her. Where do I come in? Just in case Dad screws up and forgets. So that’s what I’ll be doing tonight.

Oh, right, the strike. It’s really more of the same today. Nikki Finke was called “Tokyo Rose” at a WGA-bashing Disney/ABC ‘Educational’ Strike seminar (for employees), and she’s not pleased. Also pissed at Variety, for not explicitly labeling an AMPTP ad as such, as well as for a delightful exchange in which a former journalist explains why she’s cancelling her subscription (with so much obvious bias re: the strike, how can she trust anything else they publish?), and is told that she’s been drinking the kool-aid. With respect.

United Hollywood got all activist today, with a post about FCC media consolidation (action link, more here) and something on the Writers Guild Foundation Industry Support Fund, which is accepting donations to support non-WGA members affected by the strike.

The WGA is starting to negotiate with independent producers, and will be talking with Letterman’s company on Friday. So far, I guess, we don’t know exactly what’s going on there.

Let’s see… there’ll be a rally at Baltimore’s Inner Harbor tomorrow… the People’s Choice Awards ceremony, set to air Jan. 8, is ‘sorta’ going on with a ‘new format’ (I like their statues). I love the part of the press release where they’re ‘excited to pilot a new format’ and ‘reinvent’ the show… Some other awards show stuff… and did I tell you about StrikeTV.com? It’s apparently going to be strike-supporting videos etc., starting in January… the LA City Council had a meeting about the strike’s impact on the city. The AMPTP sent a statement but no rep… and, um, I guess that’s it for the day.

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