Support Dodd’s Filibuster!

Apparently in just a short while Chris Dodd will start what has to be considered a historic filibuster! I have no idea who the last Senator to actually stand up and do a full on filibuster was, anyone know? Of course we know the most famous filibuster! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

From a site set up to support Dodd by The Seminal and Open Left:

On Monday, December 17th, 2008, Chris Dodd will take to the floor the Senate and begin his filibuster of telecom immunity. He will start talking and he won’t stop until he loses a cloture vote or Harry Reid shelves any FISA bill containing retroactive immunity.

To close debate, opponents will have to muster 60 votes. If every Republican (and Joe Lieberman) votes for cloture, this means at least 10 Democrats will have to betray their fellow party member to end Dodd’s filibuster.

Joe Biden, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton have all said they will support Dodd’s filibuster. Senator Feingold is also supporting Dodd.

Please check out the site (nifty West Wing video!) and do what you can (Call Your Senators All Day Long!) to support him.  

Finally some dhramatic action from Congress!! Will Dodd succeed? Will Harry Reid shut him down? Will ten villianous Dems cross the aisle to vote for cloture? Will Dodd collapse? Will Taylor’s thugs hurt the little boys? (oh wait, that’s the movie)

I assume there will be some tv coverage, lol…but these days who knows? Please do what you can!


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    • kj on December 17, 2007 at 4:33 pm

    Just fucking filibuster!   Yes, Budhy, I’ll make phone calls.

    (Dodd used to be my Senator.)


    • pfiore8 on December 17, 2007 at 4:46 pm

    Dodd’s site asked for comments (he may read them on the floor) so this is what i left for him:

    It’s always been the idea. That’s what made America great. One simple and seminal idea: that freedom is possible because we can learn to respect and live next door to those who look and think differently.

    Americans have been busy. We weren’t paying attention to our politicians because we were shuttling kids to soccer and baseball games, paying mortgages and worrying about credit card bills, working 50-60 hour weeks, food shopping, making dinner, helping with homework, fitting in yard work. We’ve been busy. But now we’re paying attention. We know what’s happening. And we’re starting to take to the streets to demand that you return this country to its citizens.

    We are starting to scream, in fact. We want our country back. We demand that those of you in Washington do your damned job and take care of this country, its ideals, its citizens and all living creatures, our resources, our reputation… we want our very national secular soul back.

    Democrats and Republicans beware. We the people are looking for political candidates that represent America and advocate for its people… not the Democratic or Republican parties, lobbyists, and global corporate power interests.

    The telecom industry does not deserve immunity. We need accountability and consequences. Do your jobs. Finally, start doing your jobs.

    And be inventive. Instead of tangling up the telecoms in lawsuits, let’s do something good with this leverage. Mandate, as consequence, that the telecoms involved provide free service to our schools for five years and select the poorer districts and update wiring and equipment. I don’t need money from this. Lawyers don’t need to soak up millions from class action suits. Let’s do something good from this.

    Let’s get back to being America. I just want my country back.

    • kj on December 17, 2007 at 4:54 pm

    called McCaskill’s office.  Got the standard “She hasn’t made up her mind.”  So chatted with the staffer for awhile, told him the various cities I’d lived in Missouri, that I had supported McCaskill, yada yada, then told him that when the news of the domestic spying broke, I was one of the many people who changed my phone service to Qwest, who didn’t comply with the government’s request, so this wasn’t just a knee-jerk phone call, the issue really meant something to me, and I really wanted her to support Dodd’s filibuster.

    Now, Chris Bond’s office.

    • kj on December 17, 2007 at 5:19 pm

    they lied to me?

    Chris Bond’s office said the Senator, as YES, far as she knew, was going to support Dodd’s filibuster!  I said, “In support of our Constitution and rule of law?”  And she said, Yes.  


  3. the effort.

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