Sorry for the last essay, I’m not a wonk by any means of the imagination, but occasionally I want to be and try my hand at it, usually it fails miserably.  Currently I don’t even feel like much of a tech guy as it seems I was able to break my own SoapBlox site in under 4 hours.  Please remove my Contributing Editor status as I feel I don’t belong in the same company as the rest of the crew and would do more damage than good by remaining directly connected to Docudharma.

An online reputation is easily wrecked, I’ve wrecked my own twice, both with bad essays that should have been researched further.  Let this serve as a warning to those newer bloggers that don’t understand the power vested in credibility.

Thanks for giving me a shot.  May the next person do a better job.



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    • pfiore8 on December 25, 2007 at 20:48

    that’s not how it works. we’re kind of like a family, as i see it. and we help each other through stuff. i didn’t read the last essay and i don’t care about it.

    you have lots of credit with me and we’ll all get there. i promise.

    so maybe you’re a bit temperamental… or unsure or whatever. so what. nobody is perfect.

    we’re all gonna be wrong. it isn’t the wrong it’s how we handle the aftermath.

    okay? really. it’s gonna be okay.

    and if you fucked something up, well, you and OTB and ek will fix it. and learn. and we’ll be fine.

    merry christmas and be happy… you’ll be in your new house in a month! and we’ll all come live with you when the country falls apart and farm. so you see, we have to keep you around.

    { { { nlob } } }

  1. I don’t know what you’re talking about. No way are you leaving.  You belong here and I would miss you a lot. I love your energy nlob.   Now hug it out – and Merry f’ing Christmas!

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  2. I just used an old essay of yours yesterday to put description tags and keywords on our blog. I had to adjust some things and add some plugins for wordpress but it was your essay that brought these things into my consciousness. So thanks again for posting.  

  3. stuff here nlob! My problem is that most of the time I don’t even know what you’re talking about when you get into all the techie stuff.

    We’re all busy learning things from each other. Everyone brings their knowledge to the table and as a collective – we have what it takes. You can’t even begin to imagine the mess I would make of things if I tried to do half the stuff you’ve done for the site!

    • nocatz on December 25, 2007 at 22:38

  4. get to cut and run! You are really important to this blog and you have a well deserved great reputation. I look for you essays and posts and if your not around worry, so please don’t go! I don’t know what triggered this but often when posting we all get weirded out by one thing or another we have written. It’s part of a community, and were all only human, thank God. It’s that part of us which makes this site the best. your credibility is not in facts but by contributions and smarts and great insights plus your fun, your just perfect here.

    • RiaD on December 25, 2007 at 23:24

    its okay, nothings broke beyond repair….

    now,… get back on and ride!

  5. nuff said

    • Edger on December 26, 2007 at 00:24

    But I found out later I was wrong. I had made a lot more than one.

    You’re {{!!human!!}}, nlob.

    Sucks huh? 😉

    Stick around, there’s other imperfect humans here too!

  6. You think you can quit?  Wrong.  There is no way out, as our brother Docudarmaniac Sartre wrote.  No. Way. Out.

    And, btw, I didn’t notice the alleged two bad essays.  So, please don’t go.

    Big Joe Williams

  7. …things, is a learn-on-the-job affair. You’re not the only one who has misstepped in this arena. The only people that irk me are those who don’t or won’t learn from their mistakes.


    • kj on December 26, 2007 at 18:38

    by that Mihaly guy was the idea that great success is coupled with great failure, either one being the outcome of a courageous leap.  So, I dunno what happened, but if it was a big splash, then it was probably a good thing. @;-)

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