Ron Paul on Evolution

I don’t accept it, you know, as a theory.


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  1. at the one where Paul’s aide would not return the donation from the white supremacist.  Wouldn’t have made a dent in the money he’s been raising and would have made a good point, if he’d refused it.

    Overall, he’s a piece of work, but not as worrisome as Huckabee, who actually could get the nomination.

    OT (but not by much), did you happen to read this very good diary?  Might want to check out the threads.

  2. the Republicans haven’t evolved.

    Best,  Terry

  3. answer. All of the Repubs. court the seriously ignorant. Is he religious or just another nut job panderer? What strange bedfellows of supporters he has. From extreme Libertarians to KKK, to the fundies and a few of those who fear for our Constitution. In this election which should be clear as a bell our choices are so muddled and murky, how to sort the politics out from the issues and policies is hard, when the campaigns are all targeted at the worst of our instincts, prejudices, fears and ignorance.

    As for Ron Paul who sounds good when raving about the Constitution one trip to his web page is enough to stop any consideration of him as a viable contender. I do wonder if we have a choice at all as all bases are covered for the puppetmasters to install the next puppet. The right wing candidates including Paul put a whole different perspective on the Democratic candidates including Hillary, sigh.


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