Quit giving $$$ to politicians; give the gift of peace

We’ve been regularly donating to two presidential candidates — not large amounts, but smaller contributions about once a month – for the past year.

But we’ve declared a moratorium on those checks and online contributions until after there is a Democratic nominee.

Instead, we’re going to put that money somewhere that is more likely than any politician to end the war in Iraq.

Whether we max out to Obama, Edwards, Gravel, Kucinich, Clinton or whomever isn’t going to have the slightest impact on their policy stance.  Our contributions are a drop in the multi-million dollar campaign bucket.

The same amount of  money, given to an organization working to stop the war, is far more likely to actually accomplish something.

There are many worthy causes, locally and nationally.

Our favorite is the Iraq Moratorium, a growing grassroots effort that seeks to engage the silent majority of Americans who oppose the war but do little or nothing to put any pressure on the politicians.

It’s a simple concept.  The Iraq Moratorium asks people to do something –anything — on the Third Friday of every month to express their opposition to the war and to call for it to end.

Participation can range from wearing a button or armband to work or school to organizing or paricipating in one of the growing number of marches, vigils, rallies and other creative actions taking place across the country every month.

You can read reports from November’s Moratorium on the website .  Many include video or photos, and it’s really quite inspiring to see and read what’s going on.  Plans for Moratorium #4 on Friday, Dec. 21, are beginning to be posted now.

The Iraq Moratorium is a low budget, low overhead volunteer operation.  They watch every nickel, but some days they don’t even have two nickels to rub together.

They need financial help. They spend their time and energy organizing, not fundraising. Every dollar you give will go directly toward building the Iraq Moratorium, not paying a fundraiser.

Consider making a donation as a gift for someone on your list, or in memory of someone who’s no longer with you for this holiday season.

To make a holiday contribution, simply click here.

If the Moratorium’s not your thing, there are countless other options.  Any of them would be a better investment than giving it to a presidential candidate.  Humbug to them all — or at least to the “serious” ones.


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  3. it sickens me how much we’re spending on these candidates just on the hope that they might do the job right two years from now when we could be using the funds to make it happen NOW.

    • Tigana on December 4, 2007 at 18:46


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