Procrastinating the TaleMaster

I haven’t written a thing this week, its already afternoon….Aaaargh!

A suggestion had been made the other day, that I tell how I …do it, I guess. The specifics of how I found my story…or rather how this story found me.

Just before my kids started into teenage years a bookstore opened in town that had an arcade in back. We all read sci-fi so we started hanging out at the bookstore on Fri. nights playing Gauntlet & ordering pizza to be delivered. We met a kid who had been to Darcon and played Dungeons&Dragons and got to talking about it.

I thought it was really cool…an adventure basically in shared imagination.

And there were so many learning opportunities for the kids: how to work together as a team(& kill the beast!), consequences (you can’t scale a wall if you didn’t bring a grapple), budgeting(meager rations can mean a better sword) and so much more.

So we began doing D&D at my house…great adventures starting Friday afternoons and ending really late Saturday/early Sunday. Then sleep through till Mondays. We got so into it we even did live-fantasy role playing adventures in the summer…local kids (high school/college) would come play.

And one late summers day we started a new campaign…new characters, a new world. Everyone’s character was to be from a different area, the maps put together to make a world. We were told to do a 2-3 page character/area sketch & a map. By the time we played I had 8 pages on the city of colours & 3 on my character.

That is where the origins are. As it happens the campaign only lasted 2 games…a new school year changed everything. But the story continued for me…

I dream about what happens…or pieces of it anyway & start writing it down…more just comes…a distillation o all I’ve read and believe I guess.

Its kinda like being a god, in a weird sort of way… because it is my world…and can be anyway I say.

But it has to make sense…the logic of it has to work… for the characters. and the world. and the majik…all of it makes sense. to me anyway 🙂

And then the characters take over, many times surprising me with what they do next.

The names just happen…I don’t really know how. I type with mostly one finger- 2 for shifting. When I need a name I put all my fingers down & play piano…then I make some of those letters work into a name….except for the GoldSmith…the generations of GoldSmiths are done so I can keep up with which generation I’m in…and Sethhh…I just love the sound of it…like a silk curtain blowing across a brass bedpost.

Theres a lot to this world you haven’t seen(& prolly never will); maps, timelines, geneologies. and the city itself- how things work, the agreement between the dwarves and the men & how others came & stayed…. but I just needed all that to be able to tell the TaleMaster.

I’m working on 2 or 3 whole other story lines that connect…well, kind sorta in a wierd kinda way….

The rest of The TaleMaster is Here.  


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    • RiaD on December 1, 2007 at 7:04 pm

     to go help MrD on the new improved aviary…he’s ready to help, I really should be there too!

    Any questions or suggestions would be greatly appreciated…

    as I said This week I got nuttin’. And I’ll be back in a bit.

  1. Pretty cool. My prediction this week nuttin, next week the sky will open.

  2. to embede pictures – the queen of the house whose favorite phrase (I Did NOT teach it to her) is “fuckety Fuck Fuck”

    Did that make you feel better


  3. a lot of fiction writers say they feel like they’re just channeling the words from some other source (insert Twilight Zone theme here), so you’re onto something.

    One week off’s not so bad. Do you have a fixed time every day when you write? Not that it’s necessary, just wondering. Some people swear by it, and others just swear at the very thought. Whatever works …. Good luck with the aviary!!  

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