Pretty Bird Woman House Update: YOU are buying THIS house!

I thought I’d give you an update on what was going on with the fundraiser for this shelter. Georgia Little Shield, the director, has used the money we have raised so far to place a bid on the house you see in the photos below.

We need donations urgently right now since there was only enough money for a really low bid, so that makes things still a bit tenuous. And then there will be closing costs and a security system. We have been reading up about the costs involved in purchasing a property, on pages like, and it doesn’t sound like a cheap deal. But even though we haven’t sealed the deal yet, we’re coming very close!

The amazing part of this project is that the individual efforts of a bunch of bloggers are making such a big difference to a group of women. This is what a community is really about.  And were else can you see donations doing something so huge so fast?  

Here are the photos of the house. Isn’t it great!

Front View:

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Living Room:

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Kitchen, View 1

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Kitchen, View 2

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Dining Room:

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There is also a huge basement, which will house a children’s playroom, and a small thrift shop to support the shelter, and has great general potential.

The next large item is a security system. With security cameras. A good one (which is a must in this situation) is at least $7,000 installed. And then we’ll need a fence. That’s going to be another large chunk of change. Since this is a one story house, and we don’t want batterers to try to get into those bedrooms at night, the fence is vital in addition to the security system. We don’t want a repeat of the theft and vandalism either.

If you haven’t donated yet, you can make a huge difference right now because they’re at a crucial point in the house purchase process, and things are still a little shaky. Go here to donate and get all the info you could possibly want on the shelter if you have missed the story up until now.

There will be needs after the house purchase, which is why I have the goal at $70,000. Because of the prior theft they’re also going to need a TV, VCR, DVD player, and the entertainment center to put them on. Boy it really sucks that they got so much stuff stolen! They’re also going to need a washer and dryer, as well as new dressers, 2 more bunk beds, and 2 more double beds, since more women and children will be housed here than in the other shelter. They also will need extra couches and chairs because the living room is so big, and the outside of the house needs a new coat of paint.

Those items are all important, but the money to seal the deal for the house and buy the security system is the most urgent.

So please everyone, keep passing the word. We are SO close.

I want to raise $10K more by Christmas. If the sellers accept the current bid that much will cover closing costs and the security system so the women can move right in. If they don’t accept the bid, it will allow them to increase it slightly and still cover closing costs. In any case, we’re SO close to this being huge netroots coup for the shelter!

P.S. The shelter also just received another federal grant. If we can get this house, that grant will pay for utilities, food and other expenses. It’s also funding another advocate. So, we’ve got great long-term viability here, we just need to help them with their infrastructure! They are also planning a domestic violence conference for April that will be free for all Standing Rock residents. Georgia just never quits, even in the middle of all this house chaos!

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(by Tigana)


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  1. So please help me pass the hat for this last push.

  2. I’ll do a submission wave for the blog and post some requests on other sites.

  3. and excellent that it’s come this far! It would be a great to complete all the fund raising by Christmas!

    Thanks for all the work that’s been done…and the ongoing effort!

  4. What great work everyone is doing on this project!!

    • Tigana on December 7, 2007 at 21:52

    All the donors are so great, and should feel wonderful about helping the women of Pretty Bird Woman House!  

    • KrisC on December 7, 2007 at 22:01

    I’ve asked my friends and family to make donations to PBWH and I will continue with the material donations….this has quickly become my favorite cause.  Last week I ran around collecting kids snow suits and jackets from my friends with kids and packed up an 85lb box, chock full of goodies and sent it of to Georgia…..And I still have more I need to send!

    Good job PH&D!

  5. I added it to 20 news feed services and a couple of other blogs so far.

  6. and I bet we could raise it all tonight

    for those with diary space over on Kos and MLW, let’s Challenge the netroots to buy the house tonight and see what happens

    it would be a great experiment and it sure couldn’t hurt

    just remember not to spam anyone

    • KrisC on December 7, 2007 at 22:25

  7. is now a permanent fixture of the organization.  It will become a useful tool for further fund raising but also a great way for people to start sharing their stories and dealing with some harsh realities in a comfortable environment.

    A lot of people just added it to their bookmarks and news readers, they’ll be checking in from time to time.  Since they’ve already given once, they now have a vested interest in the group and will want to see it succeed.

    Time for the next diary at Kos, I’ll do some more newsfeed submission after dinner.

    Keep the momentum going right through the midnight crowd.  It’s hard but it will be worth the effort.

    Thanks everyone!

  8. I’ll keep cranking on them tonight.

  9. If you add the Chip In Box with collected check donations.  I am sure more checks were sent as well or will be this weekend.


    We had a dry spell for a while but it looks like the morning traffic is already picking up. Kos was down for maintenance all night so we lost a lot of traffic there.

    Here’s to the early risers and late nite saints of the interweb.

    We can do this thing.

  10. commonscribe and the groups he suggested that are helping to rebuild in Mississippi?

    The timing would work well I think.

  11. at Culture Kitchen so I did that just now.

  12. if you are out there please consider posting one of your essays on Kos today and include a blurb about the fund raising effort for PBWH.

    Thanks for your consideration.

  13. Starting Saturday eve Bubbanomics over at Kos has posted a $1000 challenge for this weekend. Go over and see SallyCat’s diary, which is now on the rec list to let him know if you’re donating!!

  14. …send off a Letter to the Editor at MotherJones

    select letter to the editor from the dropdown list then just fill out the form

    It could be an appeal to the readers directly, an appeal to the editor to cover the story, or give them a scoop and provide them with the opportunity for an interview.


  15. if someone would like to post over at Feministe either in the comments or in a blog, it would be very helpful.

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