Pony Party: The animals take over….

My sponsors have reminded me on numerous occasions that while I do make reference to them, I do not give them air time. I explained that we do not have the Fairness Doctrine in play any more and they found that unacceptable. I was reminded that my household is not a democracy.

So… the animals have a few things to say… I had no control over content….

DSC_0005 copy

DSC_0024 copy

DSC_0009 copy

DSC_0001 copy

Woo Hoo happy music….

Please don’t rec pony party, hang out and chit chat and then go read the excellent offerings on the recent and rec’d list.


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  1. Somebody must be awake. It is 1100 here in Tennessee.

  2. It is a birthday here.  Fallon is having her first litter of puppies.  Three girls and one little boy so far.  It’s a big moment sort of, both parents very healthy, athletic, and OFA’d hips.

  3. http://farm3.static.flickr.com


  5. women’s rights. I have to go back to it now – as sad as it is  – the info needs to be out there. Thanks so much for this break. I leave you with Newton – he was a rescue


  6. My border collie will not accept the leash despite numerous attempts. Generally she follows us a few feet down the road and turns back. Today she went the whole three miles and she heeled better than Arno who was on the leash. Lucky accident, my neighbor who was going to dump a giant dog bed at the goodwill stopped and offered it to me instead. They aren’t realistically going to share but they wrecked their outdoor beds and I was looking for one.

    I love GSDs, Arno is a Dutch Shepherd. Sort of a cousin to the Belgian Shepherd. They are generally used for police work, but about all my dog would do with a criminal type is lick their face. He has the soul of a sensitive clown.

  7. some security systems they are NOT.

    Yesterday 2 men came from the cable company and both of the dogs were licking their faces and I’m thinkin – you don’t even know them! As for the dog bed, if you learn how to get them to share I’ll give them cookies!

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