Pony Party: Rats!!!

“Ya gotta rethink your life”… from Ratatouille

I saw this on the plane coming home yesterday. charming little movie and i fell in love with it.

Remy the Rat wants to be a chef in Paris. absurd. his dad tells him that you can’t change the world or nature. Remy tells his dad that nature IS change. i really liked that.

don’t rec the pony party. but do come and visit. chit and chat. and please people, be excellent to each other and those sweet creatures, the rats!


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  1. see that movie. How long are you here for?

  2. Tasty!

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  3. Rat in a drain ditch

    Caught on a limb

    You know better but

    I know him


  4. link

  5. a very important life lesson one would presume

  6. Welcome back … but it’s only temporary, right?  

  7. Glad you’re home.

    • Martiki on December 12, 2007 at 04:19

    I’m glad you are back also, but where were you?

    • Martiki on December 12, 2007 at 05:18

    I am a lurker usually.  I used to lurk at Kos and enjoyed buhdydharma’s diaries a lot but just recently followed a link from Kos to here.  I also noticed a lot of the people I enjoyed reading were posting here….so here I am.

    Lucky you on moving to The Netherlands!  I would like to have the option to move!

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    Reminds me of the best political button I saw at the 1984 Dem Convention in San Francisco, which simply said:

    “Jane Wyman was Right!”

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