Personal Goals for 2008

About a month ago, I posted these words:

1. You can post 100 links to DocuD in a day

2. You can raise 20,000 dollars for Winter Rabbit in a week.

3. You can help a family get reunited.

4. You can fund a small community project in your home town.

5. You can tell 100 people about reducing their Carbon output this weekend.

6. You can host an Online Blogger’s Symposium with Guest Speakers.

7. You can decide the Veteran’s deserve another voice right now.

Let’s see how we did below the fold:

1. Check

2. Check (took a little longer though)

3 + 4. May be checked off by Commonscribe’s efforts in Mississippi, though I do think he needs our help with funding the efforts.

5. Check, Stormchaser and many other members have been doing an excellent job on this issue.

6. We can do this in the New Year!

7. Check, Tom and I are working on this together and the new site will be promoting a wide range of Veteran’s issues and will include family of Vets and Civilians interested in improving conditions for Veterans and Troops.

Last year I made three goals for the year and was successful in all three.  This year I will be successful and I’ll up it to 5 goals:

1. Continue working on Vets issues and work at joining forces with similar organizations in order to build a greater collective voice.

2. Quit smoking (I’m going to try vaping instead, after reading some helpful tips from Indejuice or another similar website.) Vaping is much better for the body than smoking so it’s time to make a change!

3. Make a successful move to the farm and begin homesteading.

4. Set up the Art studio and begin painting on Canvas again, not just computer screens.

5. Work together with OTB and the gang to bring you a more enjoyable experience on Docudharma.

So congratulations on your past actions, your giving spirits and your optimism.  You stepped up when you needed to.  You pulled together as a team and did it well.

What are your personal goals for 2008?



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  1. as I think we’ve had enough of the other option.

  2. you linked to me up there.  What a nice thing to do.

    Been a pleasure, truly.

    My resolutions are at the end of this diary.

    Happy holidays to all (and that world peace, as well).

  3. Momo Prefab Architecture.  Or perhaps you’d rather live like a hobbit.

    Breathing Earth

    Paint like Jackson Pollock, using your mouse.

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