Pelosi, Redeem Yourself: Special Prosecutor Now!

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Jay Rockefeller says no. Jay Rockefeller says:

I don’t think there’s a need for a special counsel, and I don’t think there’s a need for a special commission,” Rockefeller said on CBS’s Face the Nation. “It is the job of the Intelligence Committees to do that.”

Jay Rockefeller has been privy to ALL of the briefings on torture…and spying on American Citizens….Jay Rockefeller knows more than any other Democrat what George Bush has done in secret to subvert the laws and morals of America. And surprisingly enough, Jay Rockefeller doesn’t WANT a Special Prosecutor. Jay Rockefeller wants to investigate himself on War Crimes. One can only assume that Jay Rockefeller is trying mightily to cover Jay Rockefeller’s ass.

Nancy Pelosi is technically the third most powerful person in our government, Speaker of the House. The Department of Justice…BUSH’s DOJ…is in charge of Special Prosecutors. Call me cynical, but I somehow doubt that AG Mukasey, Mr “What’s Waterboarding?” is going to jump right on appointing an SP to investigate his new boss’s torture programs.

And that is what this Special Prosecutor needs to be REALLY investigating: The Torture POLICY of George W. Bush. Just like the Watergate break-in itself was not hugely important, the erasure of the CIA’s Torture Tapes is not the true crime here.

Torture, repeated torture, a system of torture, administrative and physical structures set up specifically to torture…ALL authorized by George Bush, THAT is the crime.

The War Crime.

Remember when torture and war crimes were…bad?

Rockefeller, Harman and Pelosi may not have done enough in the past to have objected to or ideally, stopped these systematic programs of torture…but they are indeed, the small fish in this very very large and scummy pond. Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld and their underlings are responsible for America becoming a nation that systematically tortures.

The Democrats involved have an out…they did NOT order torture. They have a way to Redeem themselves…indeed, they are the key to America redeeming itself.

Nancy Pelosi, I am calling you out!

You MUST use all of your considerable power to INSIST on a Special Prosecutor to FULLY investigate the erasure of the Torture Tapes….and the bloody mess of torture behind them.

Right now Speaker Pelosi, YOU are implicated. You did not stop the program when you could have. You did not stop the program or launch investigations when you took the Speakers Chair. Right now there is a coverup of torture…of War Crimes ongoing in our government. YOU are currently part of it, through your inaction. Compounding this is the fact that YOU took the only remedy for these heinous crimes “off the table.” WHILE you knew that our government…in our names…was committing systematic torture. Do you have ANY idea of bad that looks? How complicit that makes you look? How much that makes it seem that YOU have participated in War Crimes? That YOU are participating in the coverup of Bush’s War Crimes?

You can keep the coverup going…you can be part of the obstruction of justice…or YOU, one of the most powerful people in our country….can say ENOUGH.

And call for a Special Prosecutor as loud as you can.

It is the ONLY way you can redeem yourself.

Please for once, make the courageous choice…do the right thing…blow the whistle. You may not realize it, but the whole nation is depending on YOU to do something to stop this madness and redeem our national character in the eyes of the world…and in our own eyes.


Office of the Speaker

H-232, US Capitol

Washington, DC 20515


FAX 202-225-8259

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ACLU Petition calling for a Special Prosecutor. Please sign it.


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    • pfiore8 on December 12, 2007 at 19:03

    i’ve always loved your sense of humor…

    Pelosi redeeming herself… snort, chortle, snort bwahahahahaha

    laughing til i’m crying…

    • kj on December 12, 2007 at 19:08

    really irritated me by his inaction in 2002, 2003, when Pat Roberts headed the intelligence committee.  I know, I called his office on a weekly basis.

    CYA is in full play.  

  2. the Dem Party leadership is dead weight, as, sorry to say, is most of the Party.  Nancy’s a symptom as much as anything (although if there’s an operative who knows what W has on her, please leak it so we can move past her roadblock.  Same with Stenny, same with Rahm, etc.).

    • Edger on December 12, 2007 at 19:23

    A good solid {{{whack!!}}} on that hollow spot between her eyes might help too, no?

  3. Of course he doesn’t want a special prosecutor–because he knows where the bodies are buried and knows he could well be exposed as being an accessory.  

    Houston, we have a problem:  Those charged with oversight need supervision and scrutiny themselves.  

    • robodd on December 12, 2007 at 19:34

    His Own Case.  

    There’s a special prosecutor whose quite familiar with these issues.  His name is Patrick Fitzgerald.   His investigation is still open.  Let’s include this in his inquiry into the attempt to politicize the CIA by, and subsequent pandering to, Bushco.

    • kj on December 12, 2007 at 20:34

    created, signed and sent to Pelosi. Who has the graphics, OTB?

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