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Thank you all for your continued involvement with Docudharma. OTB noted that Docudharma is currently ranked #51 on America Street’s list of Top 100 Bloggers.  We wouldn’t be there without you.

OTB and the gang are working on ways to make the site run smoother and be more powerful.  In addition the SoapBlox people are planning some more upgrades that I think will be beneficial to the community. So this begs the question:

What Do Our Members Want?

Do you like special features on other sites?  If so please tell us.

Do you have a concept that hasn’t been tried before?  Tell us that too.

Have a crazed conspiracy allegation?  Send those to [email protected] 🙂


While you do that I’ll just post some links:




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  1. Digg This links on each post.

    Receive the News Feeds via email.

    Different ways of organizing the information.

    Help manuals on basic web stuff.

    Ask the staff.  A weekly q+a.

  2. Maybe once a month?  

    Posting a pic/logo (Please Feed the Pony) at the top of the page on Pony Day like we do for Moratorium Day would be a good reminder to send along some love.

    If George Soros sees it, he might dip into his petty cash account and supplement our contributions with $10,000,000.00.    

  3. I do it.  I know many others do.  I’m wondering whether this helps or hurts or has no affect on this site.  Obviously, original, unique material is good for this site.  Right?  If less were cross-posted to or from other sites, would it increase readership here?  Or does cross posting increase readership?

  4. Where we could click something that sends a low grade electrical shock to every member of Congress please. Just enough to wake them up.

    And one with slightly higher voltage for the WH.

    Can you have taht ready for the New Year, please?

    • RiaD on December 23, 2007 at 02:36

    from ppl asking to GET RID OF THE #%$@ing DROPDOWNS!!

    & have the button thingeys like orange…

    i’d like to have auto refresh (unless that would mess up you-tubes!)

    i’d like to have how you can click on the “(4.00/8)” & have the list of who those 8 ppl are dropdown…& also on the who’s rec’d this essay too… like at orange.

    i’d like to know about the ‘series’ tab thingey… it seemed to be started and a request was made to identify all the series & to make sure series were properly tagged…. & then nothing…

    I want ek or somebuhdy to do a dharmenizens guide to excellence (or something like that) …

    when i first went to orange it was the first blog i’d ever been to… i lurked for quite awhile just trying to figure out how things worked… and the strange new vocabulary everyone was using… WTF was everyone saying??…

    then there was a ‘welcome new users’ diary (by npk? ek?) with a link to a what-the-hell-all-this-is diary… thats when i signed up.

    i think we need one of those here.

    Don’t get rid of:

    recent comments list on the front page.

    link to ‘your comments‘ & tab to ‘recent replies (the coolest features ever!)

    but if nothing changed at all on the features it’d be okay…..

    it’s the people that make docudharma Great!

    • Tigana on December 23, 2007 at 07:05

    We can’t have a garden, but that might be nice


    Or maybe change the SAVE button to something like,


    Sorry for yelling, but that SAVE button has got me more than once 🙂

    • plf515 on December 23, 2007 at 20:24

    I hate having drop down ratings….I give someone a 4; then hit page up or up arrow and the 4 is a 1 or a 0 or something.

    Can’t we have check boxes?

    • plf515 on December 23, 2007 at 20:56

    like over at daily kos, where you can have [ and ] ?

    I know it’s supposed to work here…. but…  

  6. Other than that….

  7. don’t know if you can do this, but if there’s a way to click on the ratings already assigned and see them displayed, rather than going to a whole new screen, that would be convenient.

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