Like a Ticking Time Bomb . . .

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Good luck, Christmas shoppers!  Get out your VISA card one last time, purchase some mistletoe at The Dollar Store, bend over with it, and get ready to kiss your ass goodbye . . .

Like a ticking time bomb, the national debt is an explosion waiting to happen. It’s expanding by about $1.4 billion a day – or nearly $1 million a minute.  It means almost $30,000 in debt for each man, woman, child and infant in the United States. Even if you’ve escaped the recent housing and credit crunches and are coping with rising fuel prices, you may still be headed for economic misery, along with the rest of the country. That’s because the government is fast straining resources needed to meet interest payments on the national debt, which stands at a mind-numbing $9.13 trillion.

$9,130,000,000,000.78 in debt . . .

For concerned citizens keeping score at home, I admit in front of Santa and everybody that I still owe our fiscally responsible government 78 cents in back taxes.  I’ll send the IRS a check as soon as the criminal politicians responsible for this economic holocaust are prosecuted, convicted, and hauled off to prison cells.

Back in January, when our national debt was only $8,780,000,000,000.78, many Americans traveled to BushCo World Headquarters because wars of aggression and years of oppression hell bound on our way to the next Great Depression does not even remotely resemble compassionate conservatism.

They were not in a very forgiving mood . . .      

We’ve been waiting.

For justice.

For Impeachment.

For just one damn law to be enforced against George Walker Bush and Richard Bruce Cheney.  Just one.  Pick a law, you American flag pin wearing lobbyist huggers, pick any law.  They’ve broken them all, so have one of your children explain your oath of office to you and start honoring it instead of pissing recycled Beltway cocktails all over it.  Those fugitives from justice are armed with nukes and extremely dangerous.  They’re as dangerous as it gets. It’s time to shut down that Have War Crimes, Will Travel, Wild Wild West Show they call an Administration.

We’ve been waiting, Congress.  

We’ve been waiting for you to finally hear the time bombs ticking away all over that nationwide ammunition dump Bush calls a robust economy, we’ve been waiting for you to finally hear that time bomb ticking away up there in the ozone layer.  You’ve heard of the ozone layer, haven’t you?  It’s just below all those NSA satellites busy spying on us so Big Brother Dick will know who to arrest when those evil Persians get what’s coming to them, and Blackwater saddles up to dispense some good old-fashioned frontier justice coast to coast across Manifest Fascism Amerika.  

We’ve been waiting for you to finally get off the phone with your favorite AIPAC lobbyist and listen real close to those ticking time bombs all over the Muslim world from Algiers to Indonesia. This is not complicated.  It shouldn’t be so hard for you to figure out.  Either defuse those ticking time bombs George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, or watch several million ticking time bombs explode across the Middle East and turn the Holy Land into Armageddon just in time for Easter.  

The American who wrote “Bush Has Done Too Much Shit For Me To Fit On This Sign” has seen more then enough, and she’s not the only one.  We’re tired of paying and paying and paying for shit disguised as policies and shit disguised as accountability and shit disguised as leadership and shit no longer even disguised at all because no one in Washington gives a shit what we think or how many years we’ll have to wade through their shit until we end up buried in a cemetery for the bargain price of only $50,000.    

We’ve paid the price.

We’ve more than paid the price.

But we’re still paying.

American mothers and fathers are still paying skyrocketing health care costs while Republicans smear a 7th grader for asking his government to summon the human decency to help sick children. American soldiers and their families are still paying with 3rd and 4th and 5th Iraq deployments while congressmen and senators keep giving themselves pay raises for losing two wars, losing nine-trillion dollars, losing the Constitution, losing the Bill of Rights, losing clean air, clean water, clean elections, clean consciences, and every last shred of self-respect they ever had.    

Forgiveness is not an option.

A day of reckoning is coming.

Our Holy Grail is not hidden.  We don’t need to decipher any codes or secret messages to find it.  It is here among us, it always has been.  It begins with the words, “We the People . . .” and offers redemption to a nation victimized by deceivers with the blood of the innocent on their hands and their lips flapping with lies.  All we have to do is honor it.  This sacred birthright has been handed down to us through the generations by men of courage and integrity who sacrificed all they had so we might live in peace, free and unafraid.  They did not bow down and worship false gods from Texas or anywhere else, created by the wealthy and powerful so their lies could be concealed and their power would not be challenged.    

Our Holy Grail awaits us.  We know where it is, how to honor it, and what the consequences will be if our enemies bury it for good, and no one is ever allowed to speak of it again.  The darkness will never end, the killing will never stop, and the world will perish in a final orgy of hate and destruction.  

The ticking time bombs can still be defused, it’s not too late.

The future of America will be determined in 2008.

Speak the truth, speak it everywhere you go, speak it so it will finally be heard across this land where democracy was born and endured for two centuries.

Summon your courage, progressives.  Summon it now.    



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    • Rusty1776 on December 4, 2007 at 3:58 pm
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  2. I have no good words to use so I guess I’ll just keep posting stupid shit till I feel better.

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    Poor troops standing around waiting for funds.  It’s just terrible (snark).

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  4. …Unfortunately he’s robbing the poor and middle class to do so.  For him and the “bushies”, if there’s a choice between providing healthcare for children or maintaining tax cuts for the rich–they’ll choose tax cuts for the rich any time.  After all–they’ve got theirs.  

    What’s so sad is that so many of those poor and middle class “bushies” are still drinking the kool-aid he provides, while he’s picking their pockets.

  5. With some 25 million Americans already living in poverty in this country (according to government standards of what constitutes poverty), you wonder what part of economic disaster Americans still do not get!

    With all the police state laws, starting with the Patriot Act onward, you wonder what part of civil disaster Americans still do not get!

    With all the trashing of the Constitution, you wonder what part of a Constitutional disaster, and hence, the collapse of our democracy Americans still do not get!

    There is that segment of Americans who will only react when they, themselves, start to feel the pinch of it all — a sad reality.  

  6. and what a perfect line —

    “Bush Has Done Too Much Shit For Me To Fit On This Sign”

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