Have You Noticed The Front Page?

After about 48 hours of food fights, pie fights, near and actual GBCW diaries and comments, and complaining to and about each other, this blog is still here.  And the stories on the front page are all really great.

I admit it. The past couple of days have been hell here. I missed most of yesterday’s events because of work.  I’m thankful for that.  And today there were plenty of very intense, often unpleasant exchanges, and at least two explicit treaties.  I thought about throwing myself and my keyboard through the window on a couple of occasions, and I also thought about leaving sans GBCW without turning the lights off.  I didn’t do those things. I wondered why I didn’t do them.  And then, all of a sudden, poof!! a front page that is precisely what imo makes this blog worth it.  That must’ve been why I stayed.

So, to all of you, thanks for sticking around, thanks for writing, reading, and commenting.  And especially, thanks for building such an incredible community.  And if you left and are reading this anyway, please consider coming back.


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  1. Thanks for saying this, davidseth.  This has been a very

    trying time and I hope to hell it’s over.  We’re much too

    good and too important a site to flame out over misunder-

    standings.  And yes, it is a pretty impressive front page.

  2. Glad you stuck it out too.   Really appreciate your support davidseth.  Thanks!

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  4. I’ve been real busy lately and had missed all the fireworks, just barely paying attention a little bit more recently. I’d like to make some psychological diagnoses on some of the players here, but–nah, I won’t. Although I think I’m perfectly qualified–not. I like this blog, it is at the top of my blog list, and these days I only look at 2 maybe 3 on any kind of regular basis.

    There are some really strong personalities here who bring us along on their ebbs and flows of mental stability. It’s interesting. It is just hard when a “disturber” disturbs you (as someone here said), not to react. Even if you don’t react by typing, you feel disturbed inside. Then the disturbed one (or ones) takes a nap, or whatever, and all is logical and smooth for a while. Until the next lightening bolt.

  5. great. I love it because it is such a mix of styles, art, immediate news and politics yet philosophy and above all the writing. This blog has soul. Anticipation for what awaits  everyday keeps my coming back. the essays are pretty amazing also.    

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    But, I think we’re through it now.

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