Give Hope: Donate to Pretty Bird Woman House

Give Hope –  Pretty Bird Woman House – gear and other ways to help

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Pretty Bird Woman House Video by SisterKris featuring  music by Irina and Todd, “The Heartbeat of My Soul”:

Thank you, SisterKris!

Amnesty International is profoundly concerned about violence against Native women and supports Pretty Bird Woman House. Read their report here:…

Pretty Bird Woman House is a 501 (c) 3 charitable organization.

You can donate directly to Pretty Bird Woman House at


Please mail cheques and physical donations (new and gently used goods) to

Pretty Bird Woman House

P.O. Box 596

McLaughlin, SD 57642

Other no-cost ways to help Pretty Bird Woman House:

Sponsor them when you buy through iGive –

Set your browser to Goodsearch and register as a Pretty Bird Woman House supporter –

Mr. Olberman, we want to see you wearing a button for Pretty Bird Woman House on your show – soon. Read about that here:…

and here: http://www.theunapologeticmexi…

Finally, a big Thank You to Robert Covington, who created Compositor for Macintosh – the great graphics program I work with and rely on. Without Compositor, this art would probably not exist.

Robert is an artist and designed Compositor with artists in mind. The program is wonderfully intuitive. If you love “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain”  and want to be able to draw and paint with a computer program, but dread the left-brain interruptions of remembering F1 codes, Compositor is for you. It works well with the big-name products, and often outperforms them, yet costs one-tenth of their fee. And upgrades are free.

Try it free for a month:

And check out his other great Mac offerings – most are free. Snow’d and Slide Freebie I really love.  

This White Buffalo Calf Woman design is now available on clothing, home and office gear at


All profits go to Pretty Bird Woman House. Got a buck or two for a button? Because of the pricing system, if you buy a button or two you “donate” as much as if you buy a t shirt.

And gear with the official Pretty Bird Woman House logo will be available shortly.

pbwh button lg

pbwh light t shirt pink

pbwh infant bodysuit

pbwh shirt kids blue

pbwh oval sticker

pbwh keepsake box

pbwh gear assorted


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    • Tigana on December 19, 2007 at 20:45

    Her name means Pretty Bird Woman, too.  

    • KrisC on December 19, 2007 at 21:10

    Good on ya, this is beautiful…

    I really love the logo on the blue, it’s a perfect background color.

    The video isn’t working for some reason up top…

  1. Would it be acceptable to send some gently used clothes?

  2. of the products, they are top notch.  The sweatshirt and t-shirt I ordered from Tigana’s store are super comfy.

    Can’t afford to donate or purchase a gift?  You can still help by spreading the word.  Point people to Tigana’s post, store, PBWH blog, etc.

    Thanks for helping on this important issue.  And we won’t be stopping there, as has been noted, PBWH is not the only place facing difficulties on the South Dakota Reservations.

  3. but:

    The Assets for Independence (AFI) Program, housed within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Community Services (OCS), recently announced that $19 million in grants are available for organizations wishing to start or expand matched savings accounts programs called Individual Development Account (IDA) programs.

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