George “the Torturer” Bush

Ok, so the CIA destroyed tapes documenting the “interrogation” of Abu Zubaydah. A tacit admission of torture. I urge you all to click the link and read and rec blueness’s diary. It cites,  among many other sources, Ron Suskind’s 2006 book, The One Percent Doctrine in which the case of Zubaydah is laid out extensively. blueness uses this quote:

“I said he was important,” Bush reportedly told Tenet at one of their daily meetings. “You’re not going to let me lose face on this, are you?” “No sir, Mr. President,” Tenet replied. Bush “was fixated on how to get Zubaydah to tell us the truth,” Suskind writes, and he asked one briefer, “Do some of these harsh ‘methods really work?”

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(blueness’s diary has scrolled off, btw…but please still recommend it)

There is absolutely NO excuse for Congress not to open direct hearings into Bush’s role in this horror story. Everyone with any brains knows Bush authorized torture. Everyone knows an entire structure of secret prisons and an ‘airline’ to service them were set up to torture people without the benefit of any kind of a trial or any establishment of guilt. Does anyone really believe that the CIA did all of this with NO authorization?

What possible excuse can Congress have not to directly investigate these crimes and Bush’s involvement in them?

Everyone seems to be excusing Nancy Pelosi’s non-objection to waterboarding when she was briefed on it as a product of the times….right after 9/11. They say she could not object due to he same old argument…that it would injure the Democrats by appearing “soft on terrorism” ….soft on torture.

Well, Nancy….here is your chance to make up for it and remove any suggestion of complicity.

Open Direct Investigations into George Bush’s role in authorizing torture and establishing an extensive infrastructure designed explicitly to torture.



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  2. 1.  

    A tacit admission of torture.

    They intentionally destroyed evidence of what they did with this guy.  Would they have destroyed this video if it showed them “coddling” the witness?  Then we have to examine the proffered

    for their destroying the tape:

    The New York Times informed the intelligence agency on Wednesday evening that it was preparing to publish an article about the destruction of the tapes. In his statement to employees on Thursday, General Hayden said that the agency had acted “in line with the law” and that he was informing C.I.A. employees “because the press has learned” about the matter.

    General Hayden’s statement said that the tapes posed a “serious security risk” and that if they had become public they would have exposed C.I.A. officials “and their families to retaliation from Al Qaeda and its sympathizers.”

    Does this statement make any sense?  Not to me.

    My presumption, and I think the only intelligent one given the above, is that the tapes show torture.

    2.  Are we now going to have to rely on the Democrats, and explicitly Nancy Pelosi, to investigate this?  I hope not.  I’d prefer that they get a “special counsel” appointed and that Congress just stay out of it until decisions can be made about whom to prosecute.  We don’t want a reply of Ollie North.

  3. here in orange.

  4. for borrowing from my comment elsewhere, but the torture issue is not new, not at all.

    It’s just that they finally got busted.

    The current torture manual was literally written in Honduras, in Spanish:

    A newly declassified CIA training manual details torture methods used against suspected subversives in Central America during the 1980s, refuting claims by the agency that no such methods were taught there.

    “Human Resource Exploitation Training Manual — 1983” was released Friday in response to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request filed by The Sun on May 26, 1994.

    The CIA also declassified a Vietnam-era training manual called “KUBARK Counterintelligence Interrogation — July 1963,” which also taught torture and is believed by intelligence sources to have been a basis for the 1983 manual.

    Torture methods taught in the 1983 manual include stripping suspects naked and keeping them blindfolded. Interrogation rooms should be windowless, dark and soundproof, with no toilet.

     Torture was taught by CIA; Declassified manual details the methods used in Honduras; Agency denials refuted

    Like everything else the School of the Americas (SOA) did, the governing manual from the original Honduran torture laboratory was written in Spanish:

    The School of the Americas (“SOA”) is a training facility financed and operated by the United States with the mission of training Latin American soldiers. However, the SOA has also received infamous recognition for the great number of SOA graduates who have committed human right abuses.  Besides the El Mozote massacre, SOA graduates have played key roles in nearly every coup and major human rights violation in Latin America in the past fifty years.  In fact, Latin American nations with the worst human rights records have consistently sent the most soldiers to the SOA.  Martin Meehand, a Congressman from Massachusetts, has noted “if the SOA held an alumni association meeting, it would bring  together some of the most unsavory thugs in the hemisphere.”  There have been so many despots trained at the SOA that it has earned numerous nicknames including “School of Coups,” “School of Assassins,” and “School of Dictators.”

    How many people came from there?

    Since the SOA opened, 55,000 military officials and 4,000 policemen and civilians from over twenty-three different countries have trained at the school. Half the students who attend the SOA come from five primary countries – Colombia, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Peru, and Panama. Even though the United States Army offers training of foreign soldiers at other locations, the SOA trains most of the Latin American military students who come to the United States because the courses are primarily taught in Spanish. Candidates for the school are selected by foreign military officials and then approved by the United States embassies in Latin America. Both United States and Latin American military personnel teach courses at the SOA, with civilians teaching some of classes.  According to the Pentagon, “the mission of the school is to train the armed forces of Latin America, promote military professionalism, foster cooperation among multi-national military forces, and to expand trainees’ knowledge of United States customs and traditions.”

    Hold that thought about “foster cooperation among multi-national military forces” and think back to Michael Moore’s satirical look at the “coalition of the willing.”  Honduras?  El Salvador?  Nicaragua?  Well… guess who made the payroll?  The same people who were trained to do the filthy work of Iran-Contra era.

    It turns out that this “coalition of the willing” is well-peopled by nations which have had armies trained at US taxpayer expense – most likely trained by SOA grads who have gone on to replicate themselves internationally courtesy of US expense:

    The U.S. government is training soldiers in upwards of 70 countries at any given time. The most transparent, and consequently well known of these training programs is the Pentagon’s International Military Education and Training Program (IMET). Recent graduates as well as soldiers soon to be trained by this program come from countries at war or with horrific human rights records, including Indonesia, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Congo, and Cote d’Ivoire.  [source a must-read for any who want to know the extent of US involvement in not only arming but training armies throughout the world]

    My conclusion?  The chief mission of the “coalition of the willing” is to get these 100’s of thousands, maybe millions of mercenaries onto the national payroll.  

    Oil schmoil, sure that’s a background concern but the US gets most of its oil from Canada and Mexico (cheaper if you don’t push it across an ocean).

    The US has created a monster killer army of international proportions.

    Good for you for demanding answers of the torture issue.  But we need to remember that it started in the bogus name of “fighting communism” under the aegis of the Iran/Contra affair.

  5. and did not object but helped make it legal and acceptable then it goes along way to explain why these congresscritters are so loath to both expose or use the law to prosecute these war criminals. Throwing out all the bums involved, from both parties may be the only way to get to the heart of the matter and reverse or stop this regime of terror. Good luck however as they are firmly entrenched and not going anywhere. They have their narrative of fear to use, security trumps all.    

  6. a few days back when this all began to break out.  I remembered hearing about the Saudi Prince deaths too on the blogs but it was considered some tinfoil stuff back then.  It all makes a lot of sense of now…..very sadly…and a human being who was already suffering and probably tormented was tortured savagely and people just started up and dying like flies.

    • Balzac on December 10, 2007 at 20:15

    Pelosi must act against Bush on the issue of torture and war-crimes or she will go down in history as a torture advocate herself.

    I think we should explore the possibility of prosecuting Nancy Pelosi if she won’t act against Bush.

  7. great Diary BD.

    If the following turns out to be true – it morphs the torture of these men from unbelieveable madness to the absurd


    there are also theories out there that this was leaked to hurt the dem’s

  9. it’s real rough still but soon we’ll be able to pack this off to other web sites and webmasters along with some other cool tools.

  10. “For their part, the (American) people quickly accepted the new order of things. Keep in mind that the average (non-Muslim American) was pretty much unaffected by the new laws and decrees. As long as a(n American) citizen kept his head down, worked hard, took care of his family, sent his children to the public schools and the (Republican political) organization, and, most important, didn’t involve himself in political dissent against the government, a visit by the (F.B.I.) was very unlikely…”

    Just about says it all, doesn’t it?

  11. with every passing day. This story just broke and there is also a diary up at Orange about it. A woman, now 22, has filed a lawsuit claiming she was gang raped in the green zone and KBR forced here silence. The story is gruesome.

  12. Unfortunately, when it comes to the United States, I think Neil Young (another favorite Canadian, TMWAP) said it best:

    “Everyone knows this is nowhere.”

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