From Japan: WaiWai It’s Fun

From the Mainichi Daily News its WaiWai fun for the whole family. As long as their over 18 and not members of some weird Right Wing group or Bill O’Reilly calling from the shower about falafel at midnight.

Idol curiosity has cybernetic songstress striking a chord with parents

Computer software that allows users to create their own songs and have them performed by a squeaky voiced “idol” singer is proving a massive hit — among the middle-aged, according to Sunday Mainichi (12/9).

Called “Vocaloid 2 Hatsune Miku”, the software uses computer-generated vocal sounds mixed with an actual human voice (in this installment, provided by voice actress Saki Fujita) that can be manipulated to perform any song. Hatsune Miku is often paired with hologram technology when used in concerts which is something very new and innovative. With holographic technology only recently emerging with such high quality, companies like Kaleida holograms that use their creations for entertainment and promotional purposes are being held in very high regard. Hatsune Miku has definitely taken the Japanese market by storm!

The software, put on the market by Crypton Virtual Media, has proved popular because people can create their own tunes and fiddle with them however they like, apparently creating the image of being able to make a virtual idol singer in the home.

Cops pull plug on cabaret club serving pee on the rocks, plates of pubes

One of the most daring adult clubs in Osaka’s Minami entertainment district has been shut down in what many say is the first strike in a campaign to clean up the area, according to Shukan Jitsuwa (12/6).

Six of the hostesses and a male customer of the “sexual cabaret club” Impulse were arrested last month for indecent exposure after the workers allegedly labored while entirely nude and the patron exposed his genitals.

Those alleged acts aren’t the only indecency that appears to have gone on at Impulse

School libraries get textbooks that give the A to Z of AV

Junior high school libraries across Japan are about to get their first-ever books explaining in graphic detail the, er, ins and outs of the adult movie industry, according to Asahi Geino (12/6).

Headed for school library bookshelves is “Hito Mina Hadaka ni Naru (All People Get Nude).”The book was written by Baksheesh Yamashita, a 40-year-old veteran of 17 years working as an adult movie director.

“This book is not a sex education textbook,” Yamashita tells Asahi Geino. “It’s a book that explains what’s going on in the adult video world now because I want junior high school pupils to know about these kinds of things.”

Little Pebbles cultists smother on the yoghurt in bizarre ‘bam bam’ ritual

A carnally kooky cult with raunchy rituals and a German founder doing a long stint in an Aussie prison following a kiddy sex conviction are now making ripples with nipples in Japan, according to Flash (12/4).

Members of the Akita Prefecture-based Little Pebble willingly get their gear off for the weekly magazine and perform their ritual sex, with the scenes involving yogurt being generously smeared over the genitals and lots of mutual licking described in graphic detail by the magazine

Frisky filmmaker zooms in on Japan’s ‘palaces of hidden treasures’

Hihokan, literally “palaces of hidden treasures,” are tacky sex museums that once dotted the Japanese landscape, but their image has taken a bit of a blow in recent years, prompting a philosophy student to make sure their heritage is preserved, according to Cyzo (December).

Ryohei Sasatani, the philosophy student from posh Doshisha University in the ancient capital of Kyoto, produced the self-funded tribute flick to the sex museums with “Showa Seichi Junrei Hihokan no Tainai (A Pilgrimage Around the Hallowed Places of the Showa Era <1925-1989>: Inside the Womb of the Palaces of Hidden Treasures


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