Domestic Abuse and the Candidates

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Genia over at SistersTalk did some very interesting research on the candidates in regards to the topic of Domestic Abuse.  And I thought to myself…why is this the first time someone raised the issue?  Why did it take a blogger to pull this into the light?  Was it the Corporate Media’s fault?  Was it our fault?  Did we all turn our backs on this issue?

Then I thought about how difficult it was to raise cash recently for Pretty Bird Woman House when compared to other fundraising drives…

…yes many of us stepped up, donated, offered assistance, and continue to assist, but so many more of us did not even give the matter a second thought.  Is domestic abuse now the accepted norm?

Has the fact that our government is doing it’s best to absolve itself from all responsibility regarding acts of torture, warped the majority of us to an uncaring state concerned merely with ourselves?

John Edwards was the only candidate to address Domestic Abuse in America on his website.

I’ll say that again…John Edwards was the only candidate to address Domestic Abuse in America on his website.

If you care about Domestic Abuse and if you think it should be included as a concern in the upcoming election I urge you to recommend this diary.  Not for me, but for Genia, she deserves a hell of a lot of credit and should get some traffic as a result of this being in the recommended list.  I also urge you to assist in the PBWH Fundraiser because it appears there aren’t all that many of us who give a damn about women’s rights.


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  1. I meant the netroots in general.


  2. …to address domestic violence on his or her Web site except for Obama on his Web site and Joe Biden on his Web site and Dennis Kucinich on his Web site and Bill Richardson on his Web site and Chris Dodd on his Web site.

    As for Hillary Clinton, she co-founded, with AG Janet Reno, the Department of Justice’s Office on Violence Against Women in 1995.

  3. I responded but didn’t fallow through. There is a box to donations sitting packed and ready to go to Pretty Bird House which I haven’t mailed. Domestic violence is ignored globally,war is violence to women and children both. Most of us do care but don’t act, like I’m guilty of by not fallowing through. I think as a society we are slipping back on all rights both civil and humanitarian for everyone. Women and children are the most vulnerable in in a society thats as testosterone and violence riddled as this one.      

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