Summer showers under the water tank are the Best The big old fashioned shower head has been there so long the holes get clogged up. The few minutes poking the old protractor point to clear them is well worth it. Hot and sweaty washes right away under the gentle shower. As my shower head has been in my life for so long, I should probably start thinking about searching for a plumber in my area to see if there is anything that they can do to it so it doesn’t get clogged up as often. It would definitely be a lifesaver. The 55 gallon drum that serves as the hot water heater is on a separate line. In summer the afternoon sun heats the water in the overhead enough to be comfortable. The water heater comes in handy for early morning and late night, looking into and other heater reviews allowed for comfortable showers no matter the time or the weather.

Hard to beat showering under the tank on a late July night under the panorama of West Texas country stars, a warm breeze to air dry and a friendly companion. Ahh

With the increase in temp and later fall weather, a November shower is becoming less an adventure. A good terry cloth robe to wear back to the house allows me to put off winter bathing for a few weeks.

The wind out here is what chills.

When that same wind is howling at 30 degrees, it is time to get the big luffa and take some lessons from the Japanese. I think that’s where the dry brushing came from.

Two gallons of water heated on the stove, a large tub to stand in, a gallon plastic pitcher, electric heater or coals from the stove ( on a non flammable surface), and lots of rugs or such as this can make a mess

(A bathtub with a shower curtain is lots less mess. Water heaters though, send inordinate amounts of water down the drain before any hot water comes out. Upstairs showers with downstairs water heaters are teeth grinding, so if you’re having problems with your water heater, you may want to try Sharp Plumbing & Heating or a local plumbing service that could help you get the best out of your water heating system.)

Strip everything if you are warm enough. If not, start at the bottom. By the time you brush your feet and legs vigorously you will begin to be warmer and taking off your shirt won’t be so bad. Always brush toward your heart. Across your shoulders ,up the belly. With luck, that same friendly companion will help with the back. When throughly raw and glowing, prepare your first gallon of water to pour over yourself. If you are warm enough, now is the time to shampoo you’re hair. Washing your hair in the sink after the bath with your robe on might be more comfortable.

One gallon wets you down. Now soap up, something good smelling, then wet down again. One more if you washed your hair or just want the luxury of feeling the warm water running down your back. Lovely.

Two gallons cooled works into 4-5 gallons. A luxurious bath by lots of standards. Depending on the length of your hair, this can be cut way down. Just depends on what you have available. The so-called whore’s bath will get you through without offending anyone. Grateful that has not been the case for me, yet.

If we as a species are divine in any sense of the word,it is our ability to do the best we cn with what we’ve got to work with. The last 7 years challenges that viewpoint.


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    and i like your essay…

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    brought good memories…

    thank you

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