As Rome burns….

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Bob Herbert of the New York Times editorialized / reported recently that

a statement prepared for the Democratic majority on the Joint Economic Committee of the House and Senate warns that without a significant change of course in Iraq, the long-term cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan [the vast majority of which has gone to Iraq] could head into the vicinity of $3.5 trillion.

That, my friend as John McCain would say, is a lot of money …approximately $11,622.50 for each man, woman and child in America. Bushco, of course, continues to low-ball the costs as he and his economy-murdering hit team continue to run the war off budget and with no consideration of the current and future costs of the war.

Obviously, the Republicans are not happy with this [Democratic] estimate. Irrespective of the Republicans desire not to hear such high numbers uttered in public, it is undisputed that this Administration, its cronies in Congress, in outside think tanks and in the media are presiding over the plundering of America. As the country burns to ash, the opposition is doing very little to rein-in Bush’s stampede of America into economic and moral hell. As Rome burns, our President, our Congress continue fiddling away any prospect for an early end to the madness. By continuing the war, not only are we destroying America’s hopes for the present, we are committing the unconscionable act of denying a prosperous (if any) future to our children and all their children to come.

What can the opposition Party [the Party in the majority of both the House and the Senate] do to this President’s proclivity to start wars that squander our lives, our treasure and our good will? The Party can stop the war by providing only the funding needed to withdraw the troops from Iraq, even if many are housed in nearby countries for a time as the withdrawal vacuum is filled. An interim step of withdrawing to over the horizon is a reasonable and responsible step to take.

Restricting the President’s hand will come with some political heat. Our leaders need to decide if placating a leader who, obviously, has stepped in water over his head is a viable option. Will we, as a country, sink into the depths with this non-qualified swimmer, or will we come to our senses, get out the boat hook and pull this presidential moron from the deep end of the pool. Cut off of funding is the boat hook equivalent in this God-awful war.

Withdrawal of American troops will allow the Iraqis to either take over the administration and the defense of their country or it will not. If the Iraqis fail in this endeavor, then let the partitioning begin. The scenario of America out of Iraq is unlikely to generate a more devastating outcome than that which is awaiting the inevitable end of this American debacle.


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    • pfiore8 on December 5, 2007 at 20:45

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  1. Bush, Cheny and Rumsfeld should be held personally responsible for a war started and continued on lies and made to repay that money. They might not have quite $3.5 trillion on hand at the moment (a billion here, a billion there, after awhile it adds up), but liquidation of all their assets and ill-gotten gains should make a sizable dent in the total.

    No, I am not joking.

    • documel on December 6, 2007 at 01:51

    If/when we win it all in 2008, this theme will be the Republican rallying cry.  They will want to pay for the war without raising taxes–thus starving the beast of social programs.  For them, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.  With luck, they hope to eliminate social security, medicare, and medicaid.  They are SCUM.

  2. The Pentagon has found one way to cut costs: By asking wounded vets to give back the signing bonuses they got for enlisting, because they couldn’t fulfill their contracts.   More here.

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