And, by the way…

I’ll be a little more scarce, around here, for the next several months…

As I already posted at that Orange Place:

Former Daily Kos Contributing Editor Steve Soto is taking a sabbatical from helming The Left Coaster, and I’ll be filling in as temporary principal writer. I should be posting at least twice a day, Monday through Friday, for the next several months. The rest of the site’s superb writers will always be there, and when Steve returns, I will remain as a Contributing Writer.

Needless to say, this is a somewhat daunting and very flattering position to have been offered. Because of that, it will now be my top blogging priority. I will crosspost at DocuDharma, in addition to writing one exclusive, per week, there, and I will also crosspost some to Daily Kos; but those of you who enjoy my writing will now find most of it at The Left Coaster. Those of you who are tired of my haranguing about candidate-bashing diaries will also want to visit The Left Coaster, just to keep site traffic up, and keep me distracted from distracting you. And those of you who neither know nor care who the hell I am can continue safely neither knowing nor caring, but you’ll also want to visit The Left Coaster, because it’s where the cool people get informed!

I’ll still be here, sometimes diarying, sometimes commenting, and generally trying to help the cause. The Democratic Party remains a very imperfect vehicle, but within the political system, I do believe it is the best vehicle for effecting positive change. I remain an ideological idealist, but a pragmatist. I remain a partisan. I continue to hope that, after the primary wars are finally over, we will come together and rid ourselves, once and for all, of this dangerously hyper-extremist iteration of the Republican Party. At the same time, I am determined to help reestablish the Democratic Party as the people’s party. Daily Kos is a big part of that movement, and I hope The Left Coaster will also continue to do its part! Hope to see many of you there!

I’ll be here when I can. Where else in the tubes can I find such civility?


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    • Turkana on December 8, 2007 at 8:51 am

    at least several times a day!

  1. go really  well for you at Left Coaster. I always enjoy reading your essays.

    • Temmoku on December 8, 2007 at 4:32 pm

    Left Coaster now!

    • kj on December 8, 2007 at 4:58 pm

    so will check out the Left Coaster on your rec. Thanks!

  2. anyone need an editor/ writer/ instructor?

  3. Your my favorite civil pragmatic partisan. I’m glad to find another place to read you, see you around the ink well.    

  4. I’ve bookmarked the left coaster, but please stop back here

    often if only to remind us that you’re there.  This site

    has been growing in leaps and bounds so you’ll want to make

    sure to get all the newbies  😉

    Best of luck and hope you’ll be able to sleep occasionally.

  5. I’ve already stopped over a few times. It’s a nice looking site and it’s good to know you’re only a click away.  Break a leg Turkana…and we’ll see you here, there, and everywhere.  

  6. That’s 10 essays a week (i.e. 2 x 5 days a week).  How on earth do you do that even on a full time basis?  It’s like, what, 1200+ words/day?  6,000+/week?  Every week.

    I mean, I know you can write and I enjoy and appreciate what I’ve read, but obviously you know something about productivity  and persistence that hasn’t quite dawned on me yet.  Care to reveal your “secret” to those of us who would benefit from it?  

  7. That’s such an honor.

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