Who’s doing Nanowrimo?

I haven’t seen kredwyn, but I know she’s novelling this month.

Who here is writing a novel for this year’s NaNoWriMo challenge?

There are nifty widgets for you, lots of online sympathy and support and another ten days to join and write a 50,000 word or more opus. (Has to be in by November 30th at the stroke before midnight!)

Misery Creativity loves company.  Hope to see you there.

(Because I’m still staring at a blank screen and doing everything in my power not to go back to speed marathon writing.

And one last thought – there’s nothing in the rules that say a novel can’t be group written (at least I think there nothing in the rules that says that.  I guess I should actually read the rules….hmmmm, another plot point).

But I digress:  How about a group written novel on an open thread?  Everybody contribute via the comments and someone who registers at Nano could submit them for the word counts.  

What a blast to have a freely associated, mind-blowing creative, snarkalicious Docudharma group novel!

And just to inspire you, Nanowrimo’s motto is:  

No plot?  No problem!


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  1. Mount 50,000 words!

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