The Few, The Proud, The Mutants

In China, even if you are a one in a million kind of guy…………there are still a thousand of you.

The other day I wrote a piece that talked a little bit about my general disdain for the complex organisms we know as “Human Beings.” I don’t want to leave the wrong impression, there are plenty of humans I do like.I have nothing specifically against the majority of humans, you understand. And of course, I judge each individual on their own merits. It is just that people who are aggressively normal don’t interest me much. But I strive mightily not to discriminate against them, to treat them differently. There is nothing inherently bad about being normal. Some of my best friends are normal.

I just …um…can’t think of their names right now…..

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Really I have met very few humans who actually actively repulse me. And almost all of those were in San Diego. As I said in my other piece, the majority of humans are good folks who just want to fit in, lead a nice quite respectable life and if left to their own devices, will do the right thing just about every time unless there are large sums of money involved. My problem with normal people really isn’t about the people….I think it is more about what people have been told is normal. And I think it is also that people set the standards for normalcy too low.

Maybe if THIS was our normal reality, I would have less disdain for humans as a whole.


But I think my Inner Brando (wadda ya got?) will always reject normalcy to some degree, again nothing against normal people, I just enjoy a bit more stimulation, a bit more excitement…..maybe innovation is the right word, or creativity.

Heck just statistically you figure that there have to be big bunches of the kind of human that I enjoy. After all there are nearly seven fucking BILLION of them/us! Every second of every day, five people are born and two die. The numbers are truly staggering.

To paraphrase Steven Wright, people say it’s a small world….but I wouldn’t want to paint it.

Everyday somebody has to make breakfast for 6,635,782,000 people. Just the number of socks lost in the laundry everyday is amazing. Can you imagine the mass, can you imagine how big the pile of lost socks would be if we found them all and for some unknown reason put them in a big pile in Red Square or Dubuque? And speaking of big piles….6,635,782,000 people also ‘visit the restroom’ everyday.

I mean….yuck!



And that’s just in Paris!

(which of course is how we got into this mess in the first place!)

Random facts from Harpers Index

Number of centenarians that the U.S. census counted in 2000: 50,7401

Projected number it will count in 2050: 1,149,5001

Percentage change since 1992 in the number of civil wars worldwide claiming more than a thousand lives: ?801

Chance that a nation lacking resource wealth will have a civil war in any given five-year span: 1 in 1001

Chance that a nation with resource wealth will: 1 in 51

Number of weapons that have been turned into tools for African farmers by a British nonprofit since 2001: 2,2001

Number of farm implements that a rocket launcher yields: 5

Amount by which Americans’ total spending last year exceeded their earnings: $41,600,000,000

Estimated number of Marshmallow Peeps that will be consumed around Easter this month: 800,000,000

Estimated number of hot dogs that will be eaten in the United States over the Fourth of July weekend: 150,000,000

Average percentage of its food that an American household wastes: 14

Minimum number of shopping carts that went missing from L.A.-area stores last year: 6,220,000

Year by which humans will “be having sex with robots,” according to the head of the European Robotics Research Network: 2011

Chance that a British veterinarian says he or she has treated a drunk dog: 1 in 4

Since I am tossing statistics around like horseshoes…..Lots of people seem to break things down in some similar fashion to this: 30% conservative, 40% middle of the road, 30% liberal, etc. Well….the % of humans I am most interested in and enamored of are the 10% and the 1%! Note: These figures….like 78% of all statistics used in conversations everyday…..are completely made up!

I like the 10% who are weird. The rebels, the free thinkers, the odd, the strange the unconventional, the ones who are ‘off’ a bit.  

And I particularly like the 1%…..the mutants.

Though still, being somewhat of a recluse or a hermit or loner…..I like the 1% in theory, not necessarily in my living room.

These are the folks that in spite of all the odds, in spite of all the resistance, in spite of all the strange looks they get walking down the street, in spite of all the shunning and ostracizing and rebukes and cries to straighten up and fly right….don’t. Who instead stick to their guns and have the courage and faith in themselves and their convictions that force/allow them to live outside of ‘normality.’

The freaks and mutants who are ALWAYS the folks who come up with the ideas that change the world.

In spite of all the sheepdogs who are constantly telling them to get back in the herd. In spite of the wolves who hunt down anyone who is different and choose to live outside the pack.

The artists, the inventors, the poets and the dreamers who….unbeknownst to most of the rest of the world, come up with the brilliant stuff that truly moves humanity forward. Even though their ideas and creations make take years if not lifetimes to actually be co-opted by others and over into the mainstream at long last.

Especially people who aren’t afraid to experiment and be unconventional…and the people who aren’t afraid to admit they don’t know how to end essays.



PS, I think that it is incumbent upon all of us to stretch the limits of normalcy, to make individual expression of our inner selves, our inner mutant more socially and culturally acceptable. I think the last frontier of freedom will be the abolishing of the human impulse to demand conformity. The only reason, imo, conformity is valued is to make society ‘stable,’ and to make other humans feel less insecure about expressing their own mutant tendencies. In other words, we all owe it to the world to let our freak flag fly! Especially after the last seven years of enforced conformity.


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  2. …I posted and forgot to uncheck that @#$@$ box again.


    Anyway…Happy Saturday!

  3. Here are two outstanding creative freaks considering abnormalcy in their own times

    And bless you Buhdy for being Abby-Normal and for encouraging the rest of us to release our inner mutants too! For what its worth, I was used as an example of a mutant in chemistry class in high school. The prof found my brown eyes and dark blue hair rather exemplary of NOT normal! 🙂

  4. …and Rafael, or maybe Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria (not Mongo), or maybe Larry, Moe and Curley…but most likely: Mark, Mel and Don (those three grandly funky friends of mine, back in the day).  (Oh, Captain, my Captain…)

  5. Interesting statistics. I wonder, how the British are defining the difference between a vibrator and a robot. Do you have to make breakfast for the robot or, at least respect them in the morning?

  6. since I am one of them…..

    as are you my friend….

    within all social groups there are the conservative and the dissapative members….

    I do not use these terms in their normal political meaning…

    rather in their energetic meaning…

    the conservative seek the center of the herd…

    the dissapative seek the edge….

    the conservative are the traditional….

    the dissapative are the counter cultural….

    and each of these roles is essential to balance the tension of a social group…

    allowing it to be both stable and adaptive…..

  7. tghe truth of that statistic is that the Brits (and I can say it loud and say it proud) tend to prefer their dogs to people, ergo they prefer to drink with them at home now they can’t smoke in the pubs.  It’s really very simple.  The problem comes  when they allow the dogs to drive them home if they are drinking in the local kennels. There are as of now, no actual drunk driving laws against dogs driving drunk.

  8. Of all the earthlings born on this earth

    I just happened to be born a human being

    I refuse to fit in that blue hump on that graph

    • Pluto on November 24, 2007 at 7:29 pm

    • Robyn on November 24, 2007 at 7:33 pm
    Art Link
    Red Neon

    On Gender

    extraordinary – weird

    unconventional – odd

    exceptional – queer

    peculiar – strange

    gifted – outlandish

    outstanding – bizarre

    special – eccentric

    curious – atypical

    unusual – abnormal

    Why is “normal”

    the objective?

    There is

    a broad horizon

    of possibility

    for the human


    Rather than circling

    our wagons

    to protect and defend

    only one or two

    or even just a few

    acceptable ways

    of living,

    shouldn’t we

    begin the exploration

    of those other


    Why isn’t it possible

    to expand  the definition

    of woman

    and expand the definition

    of man,

    while simultaneously allowing

    people to claim neither

    or both or even

    to develop

    whole new categories

    of gender?

    What does

    society have

    to lose?

    What does

    society have

    to fear?

    Once again, I  ask:

    Why is normality

    the objective?

    –Robyn Elaine Serven

    –November 9, 2005

    • KrisC on November 24, 2007 at 7:48 pm

    for the most part, this crazy little community you call Docudharma and her individual members, fly the freak flag proudly.  Where freak is the norm, the normals ones are the freaks…why be normal when it’s so much more fun and creative to be different.  

    I was always freakishly tall in school, I was either the Jolly Green Giant or Olive Oyl, just sliding around the outside of the bubble looking in at the rest of the petite creatures in their chummy little circles…little did they know it would become chic to be tall and lanky by the time we all turned 16.  Little did they know that was exactly what the French photographer was looking for when she stumbled upon me and launched a nice little lucrative career on the runways of Paris, Milan, London, you name it.  The joke was on them!

    I can ensure you all, I fly my freak flag proudly….

    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

    That’s precisely why I love this little place, Buhdy!


    • Alma on November 24, 2007 at 7:54 pm

    Nobody in our family has ever been normal. I’ve always been proud my kids aren’t normal, or perfect.  They would have bored me to tears, and I sure wouldn’t have gotten as many laughs if they were.  They have a different not normal than their father and I.  Funny how many different not normals there are.  And THANK GOODNESS!

    BTW-  My son claims to have mutant powers.  We call him Space Heater because his skin is always warm.  LOL

  9. of names i have not yet been introduced to. I was not around when evolutionarysieve started to join in the clamour.  I read your original posts and am intrigued with your world view. Need to think of your words of wisdom and insight carefully. In many ways i agree, at the very least I believe that we are at one of those quantam evolutionary leaps in thinking, maybe in actual existence.  I am no scientist, just a normally curious child of 74 who can’t stop asking ‘WHY’.

    I tend to think that I think that evolution is more a pendulum than drastic change and i sense a rather acute pendulum swing, probably more from necessity than choice.

    I love this site. It is incredibly provocative and immensely amusing.  Born in the hottest centre of all our earths.

  10. I always thought if I couldn’t be normal, at least I could be average.

    Now I find I can’t even be average.

    What is left?

    Subnormal, below average, mongrel pedigree, no future, no past, no friends, no home, no money.

    Makes you want to laugh.

    Best,  Terry

    • pfiore8 on November 24, 2007 at 9:24 pm

    i think normal is the new black

    my observation is normal is better described as being part of a group hallucination with dynamics more like a herd of sheep than our ideal of the rugged individual.

    case-in-point: any shopping mall on black friday

    regards from the NL, where they must be part of the Bush axis… trying to tamp down on homosexuality and changing laws here that make it easier to get rid of workers. no fuss. no muss.

    along with that Aussie dictator… and England too.

    fucked up.

  11. I am happy being a mutant but I sure would like some superpowers. I have to contemplate exactly which one I want.

    • Zwoof on November 25, 2007 at 2:01 am

    when you’re a stranger.

    Streets are uneven as well

    • RiaD on November 25, 2007 at 2:53 am

    • Edger on November 25, 2007 at 12:41 pm

    Fughet about Norway!

    Go big or go home… Docudharmaway:

    New countries aren’t formed very often. Every piece of land on the planet is claimed by an existing nation. When a new country does get created it is usually done by violent secession from an existing power. There are a couple of other ways to create a nation, however. These new countries are called micronations.

    Since all the land is taken, most micronations are land-less. They exist mostly in the minds of the citizens.

    They exist mostly in the minds of the citizens.? Heh!  No sweat! ;>)

    • Edger on November 25, 2007 at 3:18 pm

    I send you greetings and good wishes at the beginning of another year. I’ll be celebrating (?) my 90th birthday in December-a few weeks after the Space Age completes its first half century.

    When the late and unlamented Soviet Union launched Sputnik 1 on 4 October 1957, it took only about five minutes for the world to realise what had happened. And although I had been writing and speaking about space travel for years, the moment is still frozen in my own memory: I was in Barcelona attending the 8th International Astronautical Congress. We had retired to our hotel rooms after a busy day of presentations when the news broke-I was awakened by reporters seeking comments on the Soviet feat. Our theories and speculations had suddenly become reality!

    Notwithstanding the remarkable accomplishments during the past 50 years, I believe that the Golden Age of space travel is still ahead of us. Before the current decade is out, fee-paying passengers will be experiencing sub-orbital flights aboard privately funded passenger vehicles, built by a new generation of engineer-entrepreneurs with an unstoppable passion for space (I’m hoping I could still make such a journey myself). And over the next 50 years, thousands of people will gain access to the orbital realm-and then, to the Moon and beyond.

    Sir Arthur C. Clarke, Colombo, Sri Lanka, 28 January 2007

    • Edger on November 25, 2007 at 3:36 pm

    In The Scorpion’s Gate, I projected a world in 2010, with the United States and China competing politically and economically for a dwindling supply of increasingly expensive oil and gas. That competition naturally took them to the Persian Gulf, where the largest oil deposits remained.  The Persian Gulf of 2010 was unstable, with the United States threatening Iran, and fundamentalist Islamic forces emerging in Saudi Arabia.  Corruption and giant corporations made Washington a political battleground.  While I noted at the time of publication that the work was not meant to be predictive, many of the trends in the novel have developed and are dominating the news.

    Breakpoint, set in 2012, is meant to be predictive, at least about technology.  It may read to some like science fiction, but it is based on emerging technologies that are the subject of research today.  Scientists and engineers differ in their views about when the research will result in deployed technology, but their differences are most often a discussion of “when,” not “if.”

    This novel is intended to project you a few years ahead, to start readers thinking now about the political, social, and economic changes that technology is about to create. Those changes could be wrenching, creating tensions in our society.  A woman’s right to choose, the teaching of evolution, and stem-cell research have already created social and political discord in the United States.  The coming technological events may make these current controversies seem like a practice round, a warm-up.  For the next debate may be about “what is a human”: Should humans change the species with human-machine interfaces and genetic alterations?

    The opening rounds have already occurred.  The Transhumanist movement is real and has regular meetings around the country.

    Richard A. Clarke, BREAKPOINT: terrorists vs. transhumanists

    –> Transhuman:

    A person who seeks to become a posthuman by striving to enhance themselves physically, mentally and spiritually using technological means.

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