Pony Party : Whine Part II

My brain is a bit fuzzy. I know from past experience OTC cold medicines don’t work. Is it too early in the day for a “hot toddy”?

I am feeling all retro today so I am going to cheer myself up with oldies but goodies.

I had ambitions this weekend. I was going to take the dog to the park and clean the house.

Well, the good news is that at any time in the universe one can be assured there is a Law and Order re-run playing somewhere.

Don’t rec the pony party hang out chit chat and then go read some the wonderful stuff on our recent and red’d list.


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  1. Saturday slackers…..

  2. I had to give up whine, a glass was too much, a bottle was never enough. Now, I just drink the gripe juice. Due to working with Kinder and Pre-schoolers, I now have, what I estimate, to be four seperate but evil colds. This will prevent me from getting the district provided flu shot on Monday. Other than that, things are going great here. Hope you feel better soon. 🙂

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