Pony Party, Things I Should Ignore

So, I really DO know better than to be perusing The Smoking Gun….

But a strange series of links to links to links led me there yesterday, and there I found these 2 stories.  

First we have Ms. Ann Coulter…filing a police report and requesting to have her address removed from public records due to “hear[ing] someone screaming ‘Ann Coulter is a big asshole’ from the vacant lot just west of her property”, and finding a hand-delivered card in her mailbox suggesting, among other things, that Ms. Coulter “Go Fuck Yourself”.

Now, I’m no fan of harassment, or harassers, but I’ve often admitted that when chickens come home to roost, I’m hardly surprised.  Based on her usual vitriol, these ‘attacks’ seem downright mild….laughable even…by comparison.  

Secondly….creepily….a Canadian man with a car fetish was arrested 3 times this year for public indecency, as he is sexually aroused by ‘certain types of car’ (and motorcycles….and women’s feet)….and…well….read it yourself if you choose.  

The gentleman involved, who is named in the aptly titled “Auto Eroticism, Literally” article on The Smoking Gun, and the attached mental health report, was sentenced to probation and time served.  

So, election fraud, spreading lies, name calling, being a vile, negative force in the universe in general..that’s a position entitling protection…but if you “tuck, rub, and bounce [your] naked genitalia” on the hood of a car, you’re a criminal?  Admittedly, one ‘offense’ was committed in America, the other in Canada, but I doubt that the outcomes would have been different had they both occurred in the same country…

I really should stay off of the internets…

No recs for the ponies, please…



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  1. and sees no ponies, maybe they are all asleep….

    There’s one! poke poke poke WAKE UP!!!! It’s morning! It is raining in the desert!!

    Off I go to slip slide around the roadways with people who don’t operate motor vehicles very well in the wet stuff.

    Let there be gentleness among the pony people today, on this drizzly end of November day, because they need it.  

  2. Life could just be one big long date in America.  They surely would be calling me a slut, why settle on just one when there are millions and millions and millions to be experienced and they keep coming out with brand new ones all sized and all colors and all income ranges 😉

  3. I really don’t think I want to know more.

    Tuck? And then rub and bounce?

    I so confused by what the kids consider exciting these days.


  4. so I don’t think I will do any tucking or rubbing but it is paid for so I have an interest in making sure it feels loved. For a long time.

  5. If someone is yodeling, it’s best to just walk away.

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