Pony Party: Cure for the common cold

Light Emitting Pickle here to bring you the most recent open thread. First, a few words about Pickle Pony Parties:

Please do not recommend a Pony Party when you see one.  There will be another along in a few hours.

I had originally entitled this open thread Pickle Pity Party, because I have another cold. Some of you may remember that this poor, salty gherkin had a soggy nose and aching joints just a few weeks ago. Well, I’m sick again, which is really frustrating. I mean – I’m healthy, in my mid-30s and eat lots of fruits and veggies (full disclosure: yes, that includes gasp! cucumbers). Shouldn’t I have better resistance to these miserable bugs?

Anyway, enough complaining. How are y’all this morning? It’s really windy here – lots of power outages. Hopefully, I won’t be affected.

This morning’s question is: what do you do when you have a cold? (And yes, I realize there’s no cure for the common cold, but that was a better title than Pickle Pity Party!)


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  1. Rest. Eat well. Wash hands often. Complain about it. That is what I do. Despite all that I still get them.

    I get exposed to so many bugs at work I think I have built up some resistance. I still manage to get a bad cold or two during the season.

    • nocatz on November 12, 2007 at 18:19




  2. Beside washing hands often

    throw away toothbrush get new one

    put all dish and flatware through dishwasher

    change pillowcases on bed ever night

    clean all doorknobs with bleach and all facets  

    sounds drastic but sometimes it is the only to stop it from coming back

    Hope that you get to feeling better soon  

  3. they say mixing salt with juice made from tulsi and rinsing your nose/sinuses with it cures a cold…never tried that one…

    or…this one’s called cold remedies that really work

    i’ve also heard that virii LOVE carbohydrates, especially sugar, and that these foods should be avoided when theyre present..like, when you have a cold…again…no proof…

    good luck…i hope you feel better

    • RiaD on November 12, 2007 at 20:10


    gargle with warm salt water and/or use ‘Ayr’ (salt water in a mister bottle- you can refill it yourself when it runs out) this stuff really dries up a snotty nose.

    benadryl at night- to keep your nose clear & allow you to rest well.

    chicken soup that has onion & garlic…if you really feel too shitty to make real soup: 1 chicken buillion cube in 1 cup water…nuke for 2min; add a sm.shake each of garlic & onion powder.


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