Monday Morning News Drop

Hello and welcome to the second installment on MMND.  Today we will do things a little differently, due to the Holiday there weren’t many stories released on Friday that would qualify for our regular approach.  Instead, headlines from various news sources across the country will be the focus.  The same basic question will apply however: when will the Corporate Media focus on these important stories?

As a reminder to news editors in Corporate Media establishments.  Well over 2/3rds of us Americans are paying attention. has some gut-wrenching statistics posted regarding child-poverty.

The number of Hoosier children living in poverty has increased by nearly 21 percent since 2000, a growth rate nearly twice that of the U.S. average for the period.

If these statistics do not cause a major upheaval in the way Indiana allocates it’s resources, there is little hope for Indiana in the future.

Have you heard of DefenseLink?  It was how I realized we were going to war with Iraq about a year before we went to war with Iraq.  How?  It lists all of the current contracts sought by and filled for the Military.  

What’s cooking on DefenseLink now?  Just a 98 Million Dollar contract, what’s it for?  You tell me, I can’t make heads or tails of it…looks like some Halliburton-eze to me.

It looks like Kos has some competition. Seems like a nice guy.

Indymedia fills us in on the Local Community Radio Act which was just approved by the Senate.

Basically more voices will be allowed on in more places around the country, if independent groups devoid of commerical interests can actually get their acts together, they too could have their own radio stations….RadioDharma anyone?  I’d chip in some bucks towards that goal.

Tired of reading?  I don’t blame you, so take a break and watch some great independent news video on the constitutionality issues regarding the Blackwater Massacre.  Guest speaker Michael Ratner from  the Center for Constitutional Rights.

Well, that’s about all I have time for today.  At the very least I hope you have some new bookmarks to use when looking for important stories. Next week we’ll go back to the regular format.