Md. Officials: Vaccinate Your Kids or Face Jail

From ABC News

county officials sent a letter to delinquent parents and ordered them to show up with their children in court today so standby nurses can vaccinate children. If parents refuse, the consequences are serious.

“They’re grabbing the parents by the collars and saying, ‘You must vaccinate your children,'” said Dr. William Schaffner of the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine.

It was very heavy handed,” said Aloma Martin of Fort Washington, of the county’s action. “From that letter, it sounded like they were going to start putting us in jail.”

Any children who still lack immunizations could be expelled. Their parents could then be brought up on truancy charges, which can result in a 10-day jail sentence for a first offense and 30 days for a second.

It’s official, the shit is hitting the fan….

Get ready for the rant….

It’s like saying,”inject your child with our poisonous-mind-controlling-disease-infected-mercury-laiden-egg-grown-remedy, which happens to be made by our good friends over at…[cough]eli-willy[cough], who happens to be legally protected (for some reason by the Patriot Act) by your loving govment!  Or you will be imprisoned!”

I’m sorry but I will not, EVER, inject any foreign substance, chemical, man-made or at least man-grown diseases into my child’s blood stream IN CASE HE/SHE MIGHT COME IN CONTACT with someone who unknowingly has a disease.  ESPECIALLY since it’s required by the government.  I don’t trust the government to get my name right on my effin’ drivers’ license, why would they get immunizations right?  Seriously?

The sanctity of the human blood stream is a miracle in and of itself.  I don’t understand how people can call themselves Christians, really I don’t, when they doubt that their so-called God has made a mistake in the human body, that they feel they need to disturb the gentle balance by dumping thousands of chemicals into the blood stream, interfering with the blood-brain barrier and assume that the child is the better for it.  If they truly believed in His creation, why would they want to destroy that perfection?  

Originally immunizations were only for third class citizens, the un-washed, then Polio came on the scene and, really the Polio vaccine was an incredible break-through.  It worked.  But government saw exactly how wonderfully it made a profit too!  The 36 vaccinations that a child gets from birth to age 5, is insanity…are we soooo afraid of disease? so afraid of our children getting the chicken-pox?  If they don’t get chicken-pox, later in life they could get shingles, which is terrible for an adult.

From The Doctor Within

The condition of a child’s blood determines the quality of an immune system that has to last a lifetime. The blood is the medium in which all the cells of the body are bathed, from birth til death. The amounts of oxygen and nutrients in the blood promote life, determine longevity. Anything foreign – chemicals, altered bacteria and viruses, toxic foods, unproven injectables – promotes death. It’s that simple.

Children have a right to be protected from harm. If there’s a huge body of information that is saying vaccinations are dangerous, and another huge body of information saying that vaccines are safe, we have a responsibility to look at the evidence on each side, instead of just bowing to hollow rhetoric.

The external environment can only access the blood in three ways: through the skin, the lungs, and the digestive tract. Each has its own set of safeguards which have allowed our species to adapt within a changeful and hostile environment. Throughout the evolutionary process, Nature has gone to extraordinary lengths to protect the blood from the outside environment. If Nature itself has recognized and defended the sanctity of human blood, can we presume to do any less?

There are 173 comments on the ABC News board…most are very angry parents who are sick of immunizations being thrust down their throats-trying to protect their children-I would rather go to jail, then home-school my own!  What’s next?  injecting RFID’s?

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    • KrisC on November 18, 2007 at 7:11 am

    No, I’m not afraid of needles…

    My kids’ Pediatrician actually asked me that very question!?!

    • pfiore8 on November 18, 2007 at 7:37 am

    the state needs to keep out of our private lives!

    • Tigana on November 18, 2007 at 8:41 am

    “The blood is the life…”

    Seriously, this is scary. Thanks, Kris.  

  1. for the same reasons as you state.  

  2. that I do stand on the other side on this. I would immunize my children if I had them.

    I believe in traditional medical therapy. As it happens, I work in children’s oncology and chemotherapy is poison. It has bad side effects but the end result survival. The truth is that when we introduced things like antibiotics we started in essence “playing God”.

    Nor do I believe that all traditional medical therapy trumps everything alternative.

    I find it disconcerting that the response to those who choose not to immunize is some whacked out super authoritarianism. I can only guess it stems from a fear of what could happens if a non-immunized child is exposed to something and exposes other who have no been immunized. Certainly if that is true it does not justify the nasty response.

    I am a bit torn on this issue. I am not going to change my mind but I know from reading your essays Kris that you are a thoughtful, decent,and intelligent person who cares deeply about her family. I am not inclined to pick fights with thoughtful, intelligent, decent people because there are enough assholes in the universe who ruin things for all of us.

    I am also in a weird position because it appears I am defending Big Pharma. In a way I am I work in a hospital and I administer their products. They aren’t a likable devil either, but until alternative cures emerge for things like childhood cancer my choice is made. I must frank, I doubt that day will come any time soon.

    My apologies for the lengthy response but I wanted to signal my disagreement while expressing respect for your essay.

  3. Vaccines have brought longer lives to millions of people.  The reason you can say that children might come into contact with vaccinateable diseases is because these diseases are almost completely under control in our area, because of Vaccines.  What we don’t see everyday becomes less and less threatening.

    Have you ever seen Smallpox ravaging a population of people.  It did for thousands of years and killed millions.  We don’t see it now, do we?  Polio was on it’s way to join smallpox, until people in other countries heard these kind of myths and stopped having their children vaccinated. Now it’s on the rise again.

    I would say that the government putting people in jail over this is wrong also.  Freedom of choice should still be a part of American life.  But, vaccines a GOOD for people, like anything humans are involved in there will be mistakes made and people will be hurt by the vaccines (allergic reactions),  however, the overall effect will be to protect many people from these horrible diseases.  

    Final thought:  children ingest more mercury eating a fish dinner than by being completely vaccinated.

    • KrisC on November 18, 2007 at 6:43 pm

    I’ll be back in about 2 hours, I’m sorry but I have to go pick up my daughter from grandma’s house…I really appreciate all of your comments and I wish I could continue, but I gots ta go!  BRB!

  4. I am not trying to set anybody up for a “Gotcha” moment but among the people here who do have objections to vaccinations and other traditional modes of medicine that are potentially harmful I wonder: if you child did develop a leukemia or solid tumor disease would you accept traditional treatment or opt for other modalities.

    I am attempting to discern if the objections being raised are to specific medical treatment or have broader systemic objections.

  5. I’ve skipped everything I could while still getting them into school.  Without a specific shot record they can’t get into school here in Bama……Colorado not so much, they just complained a lot.  Getting really sick and tired of people telling me we all need flu vaccinations.  NO WE DON’T!  Chicken Pox vaccine?  Someone wake me when everybody stops vaccinating for bullshit please!  Now, Mr. Militarytracy is a virtual walking science experiment and has even been vaccinated for anthrax exposure because the government technically owns his person right now. If he ever was exposed to Anthrax it would only require mild antibiotics to remedy but hey…’s more fun to play mad scientist!  

    • pfiore8 on November 18, 2007 at 7:22 pm

    god, i’ve gotten more out the information from each POV AND the way it’s being discussed

    thank you KrisC for giving this forum and to aek and ucc for their responses.

    ps… i’m still concerned about the side of the issue wherein vaccines can cause pandemics, et al

    can you all discuss that side as well… because i’m intrigued by KrisC’s idea of the human body and tend to think these pandemics might work like they do among any group that’s overpopulated

    it’s just we don’t see ourselves like mice in the desert… but how does nature see us? what if the vaccine has been a major culprit in pushing us to the tipping point of this impending ecological disaster we’re all seeing…  

    • pico on November 18, 2007 at 8:53 pm

    Do you think parents who are Christian Scientists should be guilty of negligence if they refuse to get hospital care for their child, and that child dies as a result?  Let’s go with something more concrete: if a child has a trauma that causes internal bleeding, but the parents believe that a prayer will do more good than a surgeon, do we respect that choice or do we prosecute the parents for the negligent murder of their child?

    I raise this because it’s not an easy question, balancing the health standards of the community against the decision-making power of the parents.  It’s doubly complicated because of the good track record that immunization has (polio, smallpox) and the possibly bad track record linked to it (emerging diseases, weakened immune systems).  

    Thought-provoking essay, even though I think I disagree in the end.  

  6. Orac does a news and blog roundup of the Maryland situation.

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