Lest anyone forget

It continues.


The Burmese army is forcibly recruiting children to cover gaps left by a lack of adult recruits, says a report by a US-based human rights organisation.

Human Rights Watch (HRW) says children as young as 10 are beaten or threatened with arrest to make them enlist.

Both the army and ethnic rebels have been accused of using children before.

But the timing of this report is particularly damaging for the military, which is already under pressure after a crackdown on anti-government protests.

The military insists it is opposed to the use of child soldiers, but HRW says the abuses were extensive and systemic.


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  1. But it just keeps getting worse, doesn’t it?

  2. You just can’t illustrate what is wrong with this planet much better.

    Thanks T

    • fatdave on November 1, 2007 at 17:20

    about what is happening in Burma.

    budhy’s header is spot on. I need to clean and fortify my soul – it’s not ticking over right.

  3. Yesterday I created a shrine in my house using various teak objects collected over the years made in burma – at whose cost I will never know. I added to that shrine pictures I took from the Internet of beaten monks and raped women and dead children. I sat in front of that shrine and prayed yesterday as I will everyday for the madness to end.

    But for it to end we must all BOYCOTT CHEVRON. Its not that  hard a thing to do really. And anyone who has any influence at DK – or with Markos – please for the sake of these people being persecuted hunted down and killed with Chevron money, please continue to ask that The Daily Kos take down that ad. Each and every time I see it it rips another piece of my soul apart.

  4. The people (besides the Monks) who have been and continue to be the most persecuted are the loving ethnic minority people of Karen. This rural area runs adjacent to the Chevron/Total Pipeline. Chevron hired the Burmese Army to protect the pipeline. Prior to that the people of Karen led a peaceful life and never once saw a soldier. Now they are subjected to forced labor (especially the women) gang rape and brutual murder – one favorite being (sorry) shooting a woman in her vagina after gang raping her.

    By supporting Chevron we are pulling the trigger. Think about that.

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