Kucinich “Privileged Resolution” to force vote on Cheney Impeachment

In a Press Release dated Nov. 2, Dennis Kucinich announces…

that he will offer a privileged resolution on the House floor next week that will bring articles of impeachment against Vice President, Richard B. Cheney.

Check it out at Kucinich’s government web site. 
Call Speaker Pelosi and thank her in advance for allowing it to come to the floor.
Call your local Congressperson.
And call or email your friends and family to do the same.

Toll free lines to Congress:  1-800-828-0498


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  1. isn’t something we should thank Nancy for.  It’s being used because the leadership has decided not to bring up H Res 333.  If you call Nancy, tell here to vote not to table the resolution and to allow it to be debated and then to vote for it.

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