Krongard Brothers Update – Meta

After our Monday Morning News Drop story appeared here and on Kos, Keith Olbermann and John Dean ran with it as documented on Raw Story.

“It is a component of a larger investigation,” Dean asserted, “and I cannot escape the metaphor that has been running through my head, that we might see Waxman running into a cookie that is starting to crumble because it’s run into a buzzsaw brother. … Waxman isn’t one who will turn away from digging this entire matter out.”

Since then it was discovered that Mother Jones has been doing their own research on the issue where we learn some of the corruption charges:

Krongard stands accused of inadequate oversight of construction contractors at the new, $600-million U.S. Embassy in Baghdad; refusing to pursue procurement fraud charges in a case related to a DynCorp contract; intervening in an ongoing investigation of former Broadcasting Board of Governors Chairman Kenneth Tomlinson; questionable auditing of State Department financial statements; and an “abusive management style” that has contributed to an almost wholesale revolt against him by his own staff.

TPM has put together CookieNotes which is a list of all the documents revealed so far.

Turkana asks the important question, why is killing people in any legal gray area whatsoever?

Despite attempts to cancel the hearing Henry Waxman announced that he is moving forward with the investigation as planned.

The Mesabi Daily News wonders what Thanksgiving will be like for the Krongards.  The Washington Post asks the same question.

I was wondering if the story made it beyond our borders and it looks like it made it all the way to New Zealand.  Perhaps that will show the Dems the impact of standing up for what’s right?  Perhaps not.

Thank you Mr. Waxman, Keith Olbermann, and all the bloggers and journalists for making this story an international one within just a few days.  


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  1. even when we have our differences

  2. … notlightnessofbeing!  For someone who hadn’t paid a lot of attention to this story, reading your essay brings me up to speed – all the links are there, and in a coherent order, and your analysis is spot on.

    An invaluable resource, imo.

    Thank you.

  3. to add, out of interest, is that Barbara Van Gelder, the lawyer to one of the brothers who wrote to Waxman that it served no legal purpose to investigate further, was also the lawyer for Scanlon who worked with Abramhoff, and who is now serving time for his wrongdoing with the casinos. Olbermann reported this on his show. This tasty tidbit of news made me grin. Maybe it portends some hard time for Cookie and Buzzie! Van Gelder is clearly a dimwit. Sic her Waxman!

    • banger on November 22, 2007 at 19:54

    on this or any other matter that strikes this close to the heart of the system. Waxman sits on the most all the really important cases. But we’ll see.

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