Kos on my radio show…

So anyway, I finally got out of the South.

Instead of getting in trouble for doing what I want to do on the radio, now it’s part of what they pay me for.

Had a guest on Friday.

More data below the fold.

The midday guy here is a conservative.

I am not.

I got to fill in for him Friday, and I’m covering his timeslot tomorrow as well.

Although I certainly don’t serve his audience what they’re used to.

Anyway, based on some bashing and wingnuttery I’d heard in this daypart on a regular basis, I thought it might perhaps be nice to engage in a discussion of the prospects for Republicans and the underlying factors driving them.

They say, “You never know unless you ask.”

True enough; but they also say “Ask and ye shall receive.”


Big file; not quite 22 meg, about 23 minutes of mp3 audio.

there’s a 4 1/2 minute warmup act – a guy I’d previously board-opped for called in.

Following that, Kos pays us a visit for eighteen or so minutes.

Worth hearing.



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  1. is that “wingnuttery” becomes mainstream.  No I don’t mean the conventional left right of mainstream wingnuttery I do mean the Illuminati and 911 inside job type of wingnuttery.

    My contempt for Kos is immense and his transition toward mainstream smacks of sell out to me.  A mere “counter” to Hannity in an industry of prescribed acceptable pablum?  How un-progressive”.

  2. I wondered. All my favorite people vanished while I was on my road trip. I did radio for ten years, it is true one is very exposed, however the ability to really reach people is powerful. I got ‘fired’ several times for what some stalwart members of the several communities felt were inappropriate comments.

    However, every time i fought back in various ways, one by threatening a sexual harrassment suit against the fat slob who owned the station. Just the threat worked, and i stayed on.

    I often used to play bob Mrley’s ‘Somngs of freedom’ it sort of became my themes song.  Good luck and say it loud and say it proud. Don’t be afraid.

    • OPOL on November 26, 2007 at 02:09
  3. Sounds like you hit the ground running air flying at your new station.   Congrats on the move too.  kestrel soars!    

  4. putting your truth out there.  For awhile….whew….they had tossed every liberal, progressive voice out on our arses.  I don’t mind it if people want to be wingnuts…they are the ones who pay for their beliefs in the end just like I do.  I do mind it though when they attempt to create a no other options climate in a democracy, makes me sick to my stomach so thanks for doing your part to reduce nausea.  Thanks to your family also who walks this walk with you 😉

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