It’s Time For Profound Change in America

An America that tortures is not my America.

An America that denies healthcare to its citizens is not my America.

An America run by amoral corporations and corrupt politicians for the exclusive benefit of the few at the expense of the many is not my America.

An America that drops bombs on innocent babes, fabricates elaborate lies to cheat, steal and justify bogus wars of aggression is not my America.


Ordinary Americans are desperate for change, and have been refused it time and time again by those they have looked to for relief – the Democrats.  Of the eight Democratic candidates for president, there is only one who speaks the truth, and there is only one who would make any significant difference, and that is Dennis Kucinich.


SSure, he saw a UFO, so what?  So has 14% of the American public including Jimmy Carter and countless Air Force and commercial pilots, NASA astronauts, scientists, lawmen and others.

One of America’s first astronauts claims that the government has withheld information that alien spacecraft have visited Earth.

Leroy Gordon “Gordo” Cooper Jr. says the government has “swept under the rug” the truth about unidentified flying objects or UFOs.

At least Kucinich is honest enough to tell us the truth.

When they asked the Democratic candidates about gay marriage they all hemmed and hawed and played for political advantage, except for Dennis, who nailed it.  He said it was about equality.

No other candidate has a vision of peace and international cooperation.  No other candidate has the guts to speak the simple truth.

Congress ‘doesn’t get it,’ and neither do other Democratic Presidential candidates

WASHINGTON, D.C. – This morning’s passage of the Peru Free Trade Agreement by the U.S. House proves that the Democrat-controlled Congress is totally out of touch with the American people and refuses to abide by promises it made to voters in last year’s elections, Democratic Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich said immediately following the vote.

“They just don’t get it,” said Kucinich, D-OH, one of 132 members who voted against the measure, “and neither do the other candidates for President whose campaign rhetoric on trade is a smokescreen to conceal their voting records on trade.”

“When they’re standing in front of a union audience or outside a closed plant somewhere, they bemoan the three millions jobs that have been lost because of free trade agreements,” Kucinich noted. “When they had a chance to vote as a member of Congress, they supported those agreements, which means they voted against American workers.”


On the issue of fair trade, as opposed to so-called ‘free trade’, Dennis has a voting record that no other candidate can touch.  The next closest is Edwards who stands at 63%.

Kucinich – 93% fair trade voting record (14/15 votes). It seems wrong to even give less than 100%, because he just didn’t show for the Morocco FTA vote (meaning one non vote). But in order to be consistent, I’ve got to have non-votes not count towards your fair trade percentage. On everything else, he voted the fair trade position (Fast Track 1998, 2001, 2002, NAFTA for Africa (twice), China PNTR, WTO withdrawal (twice), NAFTA expansions to Chile, Singapore, Australia, Central America, Bahrain and Oman).

Public Citizen- Eyes on Trade

Dennis is also the only politician in America with the courage to do the right thing by impeaching the criminals in the Whitehouse – and he’s smart enough to know we have to start with Cheney.

Dennis Kucinich: Standing Tall in the House as Cheney Impeachment Bill Advances

By Dave Lindorff

Rep. Dennis Kucinich, the candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination that the mainstream media like to ignore or belittle, stands head and shoulders above the moral midgets and shriveled sophists in that contest, especially today, after he successfully forced the full House to vote to send his bill to impeach Vice President Dick Cheney to a hearing in the House Judiciary Committee.

Kucinich, whose Cheney impeachment bill, despite having 22 co-sponsors, has been stalled for over six months thanks to the unconscionable machinations of the Democratic Congressional leadership and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, should now get at least a genuine debate in the House Judiciary Committee. With enough pressure from constituents, his bill might even go into hearings.

Kucinich is the only one who has heard our pleas for justice and acted on them.  Why wouldn’t we support that?  We’d be crazy not to.

The MSM ridicule him because they know he represents US – we the people.

Let’s make a difference in America.  Let’s show Dennis a little love!

OPOL and friends for Kucinich at Act Blue

Please donate today.

Peace Out!


Dennis for President – Strength Through Peace


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    • OPOL on November 10, 2007 at 9:46 pm
  1. And it’s important to understand, so that one can make an informed choice.  I was a student at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland during the years that Dennis (a CWRU law school alumnae) was the city’s mayor.  Dennis was consistently an “anti-” platform candidate.  He has been weak on actually seeing projects and legislation through, although his views and vision were almost always on target.  His vision is strong, but his management has been weak.  And that’s the piece about him that worries me.

    I would like to hear his stance on who he would appoint to his Cabinet, and his views on how he would manage and lead.

    And OPOL, I’m going to repeat what I wrote in Buhdy’s post comments:

    Now to my observation:  When you use “we”, I believe that you are referring to the old paradigm of a country whereby its citizens have a governmental voice via their elected representatives.  This is no longer the case.  There are two distinct “we’s”:  we the people who are no longer represented in government and who are largely oppressed, and we, the elite – corporatists, lobbyists, government officials who rule over and oppress we the people, and who act independently of the people’s will and wishes.

    It’s important to make that distinction and to define every use of “we” because the old rules no longer apply.


    Thanks for writing this wonderful and important post.  

  2. Dennis is truely of the people and for the people. He is looking more like a giant to me with each passing day – and as a woman I can say I now get why he is married to a ravishing beauty with brains – he is a real man:

    November 9, 2007

    The Honorable John Conyers, Jr. Chairman Committee on the Judiciary 2138 Rayburn HOB Washington, DC 20515

    Dear Chairman Conyers

    I am writing in support of H. Res. 799, the Articles of Impeachment which were referred to the committee relative to the Impeachment of the Vice President of the United States of America.

    Recent reports indicate that the Vice President is attempting to shape the National Intelligence Estimate on Iran to conform to his misperceptions about the threat Iran actually poses. Much like his deceptive efforts in the lead up to the Iraq war, the Vice President appears to be manipulating intelligence to conform to his beliefs.

    If the reports are true, they add additional weight to the case for impeachment. I believe impeachment remains the only tool Congress has to prevent a war in Iran. This information relates directly to the Article III charges in the resolution. I urge your timely consideration.



    Dennis J. Kucinich

    Member of Congress


  3. I am Canadian by birth and have lived here since 1999. I have green card and have been dragging my feet on citizenship because my past dealings with the INS haven’t been pleasant.

    I have a work colleague who has been here even longer than me, say 25 years. She also has a green card. She has a son on his second tour in Iraq. He fixes tanks. Suddenly he has a new duty. He has to drive supplies out of his secure area to the troops in Bagdad. Apparently not enough tanks are being damaged right now, so fewer to fix. She told me she openly dreads the *knock on the door*.

    She also said that she is not going to apply for citizenship just renew her green card because she has given this country enough and if her son dies she is not going to thank America by becoming a citizen.

  4. continues to speak out on them.  His courageness in the face of it all to bring impeachment to the floor for voting was outstanding.

    He is in tune with the American pulse.

    Thank you for this and all, OPOL!

  5. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

    People have to get past the looks…..

    But I think aek makes a good point. He’s gotta appoint good people to manage the vision, or he loses anyway. Anybody heard him say who he’d appoint.

  6. Pfiore8 was saying last night that we all need to get behind Dennis!

    Are you really her Sockpuppet, lol?????

    I’m still thinking about whether it is a good strategy at this point, but have no hesitation whatsoever in saying ……….Go Dennis!

  7. No!

    Let’s show Dennis Lots Of Love!

    We need this new, idealistic, updated FDR.

    When elected, I have no doubt he will find the people to carry out his vision, with people like us behind him, supporting him, because we know how important this is.

    Kucinich is in harmony with the evolution of consciousness.


    • jim p on November 11, 2007 at 3:28 am

    which I invented a few minutes ago.

    Schumer, Feinstein, Pelosi, Reid and the rest never appearing in public without people pointing at them saying “Shame! Shame!” Maybe contingents outside of their local and Washington offices?

    Public shaming has a centuries-old method by which the people have forced officials to behave. And they’ve got to be pulling their hair out wondering how many people are getting the idea they’ve got something to be ashamed of.

    Anybody think this is something we can start doing now, if it’s worth it?

    (Sorry getting off the topic of Rep K, but trying to address the title)

  8. who believes in UFO’s then one who believes that killing and torturing for profit is called security or that believes peace is naive.. I too heard reports of his term as mayor. Here is what I learned…..

    He was elected to the City Council in Cleveland in 1969, when he was 23, and at 31 he became the youngest person ever elected mayor of a major American city when he took charge of Cleveland.

    His two-year term as Mayor was controversial almost from the start. He appointed a 19-year-old to a key city position, a 24-year-old with less than a year’s experience as a stockbroker was named the city’s finance director, and almost half his key appointments were black. He rejected a $41-million federal grant to begin construction of a downtown “people mover”. He publicly feuded with the city’s popular Police Chief, and fired him live on TV for insubordination. The Police Department later went on strike, protesting proposed budget cuts. He fought against allowing Republic Steel to construct a new ore dock on a city-owned pier, and the company ended up relocating to nearby Lorain, Ohio. The city had been in financial ruins when Kucinich took office, as the previous administration had misspent tens of millions of dollars of bond funds. Ohio’s largest bank, then called Cleveland Trust and now known as Ameritrust, threatened to yank the city’s line of credit unless Kucinich sold the city-owned electric system, Cleveland Public Power (CCP), then called Municipal Light, to CCP’s competitor, Cleveland Electric Illuminating (CEI). He refused to sell the utility, forcing the city into default. Kucinich narrowly survived a recall election, then lost when he ran for a second term as Mayor.

    Unemployed, Former Mayor Kucinich moved to Los Angeles, where he lived near and frequently wandered MacArthur Park, playing the Richard Harris pop song “MacArthur Park” in his head. “I was thinking of that song and thinking of the lyrics where they talk about ‘Someone left the cake out in the rain. It took so long to make it.’ And it goes on, raising the question of whether I’ll ever have that recipe again.”

    Meanwhile, after it was too late to matter politically, the Cleveland Plain Dealer exposed that Ameritrust had been heavily invested in CCP’s competitor, CEI, and stood to profit greatly if Kucinich had sold the utility. It was also revealed that CEI had committed numerous violations of federal antitrust law as it attempted to drive Municipal Light out of business. Twenty years after the controversy faded, the Cleveland City Council passed a special resolution thanking Kucinich for saving Municipal Light. It is estimated that having a city-owned utility saves Cleveland residents about $20-million every year.

    Returning to Cleveland, he had success in business with Kucinich Communications, a company that produces industrial videos and brokers media time for its clients. He was elected to the state Senate in 1994, where he was instrumental in blocking a planned nuclear waste dump in the state. He was elected to the US Congress in 1996, and has been re-elected every two years since.

    Returning to Cleveland, he had success in business with Kucinich Communications, a company that produces industrial videos and brokers media time for its clients. He was elected to the state Senate in 1994, where he was instrumental in blocking a planned nuclear waste dump in the state. He was elected to the US Congress in 1996, and has been re-elected every two years since.


    Better background then most candidates including Hillary who was a Goldwater girl. I back him whether he is elected or not he’s a voice in the wilderness. He will, whether president or in the senate, continue to make the government accountable, and work for a better country and world.      

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