“It’s self interest” said Buzzy Krongard

On Friday at 4:43 pm this report,  regarding conflicting accounts from a State Department official and his own brother,  hit the news wires.  The most interesting part of this article is that Krongard, the official in jeopardy,  “had begun the hearing by denying the “ugly rumors” that his brother was associated with the company, which is under scrutiny for a September 16 shooting incident in Baghdad in which 17 Iraqis were killed.”  According to the article he then took a break and came back into the same exact room and recused himself from the probes into Blackwater.

This is a clear example of a Public Official  so used to doing things the Bush/GOP way that he didn’t even bother to check his facts before taking part in a hearing of this magnitude.   I’ll say that again,  this is a clear example of a Public Official  so used to doing things the Bush/GOP way that he didn’t even bother to check his facts before taking part in a hearing of this magnitude.

Did it sink in?

And Krongard is the man responsible for independent internal investigations of the State Department.  Shocking?  It gets worse, when told that his brother had already informed the panel that Krongard did know about his brother’s involvement he uttered this gem: “I am not my brother’s keeper.”  Why is it that as soon as the shit hits the fan Republicans get all biblical?  That’s a topic for another essay I suppose.  And how quickly can Krongard throw his own brother under the bus?  Pretty damn quick!  Let’s have a round of applause for those Family Values we are always hearing about.  I guess it has morphed now to: plunder, pillage,  but don’t get caught or perhaps that’s what it always was.

Krongard(warning government site) used to work here.  Buzzy used to run this (warning government site).  When asked why he would want to join the CIA Buzzy responded with “I’m not sure this second career has anything to  do with patriotism. It’s self-interest,*

On Saturday Krongard’s lawyer spoke up and said the following on his client’s behalf:


Apparently Sunday was a day of rest.  Things to ponder include what does this have to do with Rice? And why isn’t this intriguing story of corruption, scandal, war, and all the little people in between being discussed on the Corporate Media?

Waxman’s Memo pdf (gov’t link)

Special thanks to aek all over  and night owl for helping with the research.

P.S. This is the first in a series of Monday Morning News Drops, meant to correct some of the damage of the national Friday Afternoon News Drops.


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  1. with my coffee this morning…. Arrrrrgh

    “There is no legitimate purpose to be gained by publicly pitting two brothers against each other,” Barbara Van Gelder wrote in a letter to Rep. Henry Waxman, chairman of the government oversight panel.

    No legitimate purpose? No legitimate purpose she says???

    How about perjury and obstruction of justice you twat for brains???? Argggggggggggggh!

    Thanks for all the links. I hope like hell Waxman will follow through on this one. So many hopes for justice have been dashed in the past many years, but there may just be an opening here with these ridiculous chipmonk turned bastard greedy asshole brothers, Alvin and Howie.

    I hope you’ll keep us apprised of this story, nlob.  

    • RiaD on November 19, 2007 at 15:25

    could we take it a step further?

    call/write and let them know we caught it…they’re Not slipping past?

    sometimes I think thats all it will really take…enough people calling/writing & LTEing every time on issues just like this one, and calling them on their BS!

  2. http://www.motherjones.com/was

    Lots of good info there.

  3. A.B. “Buzzy” Krongard ’58 once punched a great white shark in the head on a bet. He practices lethal martial arts with an intensity that is frightening. And the only guns he collects are ones he can use.

    Krongard, in the basement gym of his Baltimore home, asks me to punch him in the gut. After some trepidation, I land a right jab squarely on Krongard’s taut abs. “Come on now,” Krongard shouts. “Is that all you got?” I swing again. And again. “Geez, is that all you got? I mean really hit me.” I deliver one last punch, this time with a wind-up. A grimace doesn’t even cross Krongard’s face. “Boy, you don’t hit very hard, do you?” Disappointed, Krongard returns to practicing moves on a rubber dummy.

    Can’t think of a better example of the mentality of the people currently running our government.

  4. If you get a chance, please consider posting this tool on the right side of the site:


    It’s an easy way to contact your Congress reps.  Anytime someone posts a plea to contact reps on an issue they can just refer people to the tool.

    There should be one for the senate too, let me poke around.

    Thanks for considering it, just a suggestion.

  5. oh groovy – I really like the titles in your links.  Why the warning to the govt sites?  Are you being snarky?

    I’m also a big Waxman fan.  There’s another report on the Oversight website (PDF): Allegations regarding IG Howard Krongard.

    Pretty juicy stuff.  Krongard reminds me of John Bolton.  He’s a real asshole.

    A common theme in the interviews and depositions conducted by the Committee was dismay over the manner in which Mr. Krongard treats his staff. According to the officials who spoke with the Committee, Mr. Krongard’s behavior caused a hostile working environment, low office morale, and a high attrition rate of employees. One official said that Mr. Krongard has three modes of behavior: “diplomatic, condescending and volcanic eruption.” He enjoyed “sandbagging” employees at meetings and called his own office a “banana republic.” According to one official, Mr. Krongard described himself as an “equal opportunity abuser.”


  6. heh


  7. national interest for self when officially justifying  their corruption. At least this idiot called it what it was. The government, all of it seems beyond redemption, as it has no concept of anything other then the self interest of it’s own swamp and even that is short term interest. Ethics can’t exist in this swamp.  

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