I’m beginning to lose all hope

No. Really.

I again have a temp job at our County Elections Department. I was there for the last election, but this time it’s the BIGGY…the Presidential year.

And, I’m losing hope for our society. Our Democracy. Why you ask? Well…where do I begin.

People have no idea how to fill out a simple voter registration card. No. Really. They can’t remember where they live. They often have no idea what county they live in. Good Buddha, they can’t even remember if they are registered or the last time they voted!

Sometimes, you know, it’s not all the computer’s fault. Sometimes it’s just pure, plain ignorance that bumps people off the voting rolls.

People don’t understand what a Primary is. They are upset to be told they can’t vote for just anyone they want to in any election they want to. The customer feels that they are always in the right. Retailization, I call it. Retail outlets are forever saying their customer is always right…and the customers are buying into it.

Many folks refuse to re-register to vote because they are fearful of being called up for Jury Duty. Now, what does that say about our judicial system that people are refusing to participate in it. They’ll watch it on the TeeVee on Law and Order, but they won’t go near it in real life. “Too inconvenient” they say.

Some folks won’t even be bothered with voting. They don’t have time they say. It doesn’t matter they say. Politicians are all the same they say. What’s in it for me they say.

I don’t know. I try to put on bright smile and trudge off to work but with the morons in Sacramento who wanted to have their little Presidential Primary in the “spotlight”, they have created 3 elections to be confused about next year.

I’ll give you 5-2 that most people are going to be so sick and tired of the whole shebang by next November, most won’t want to show up.


  1. that’s how many the person I thought would make the best Town Supervisor got.  I was depressed after seeing that outcome.  I got mad at my neighbors, but…it’s really my fault.  I waited to the last minute to take interest in the local politics scene.  The local Dems seemed to have their stuff together, new website, billboards all over, but once again they failed to deliver.

    The Repugs outdid them on mailers and signage and that was all it took.  No letter from the Dems telling people to please vote today, no signs telling them when or how to vote etc.  The Repugs had both.

    Another big factor in the results is most of the working parents are just finishing up dinner by the time the voting booths close these days.  So the older wealthier people have an easier time making it to the polls and once their educating themselves rather than having to rush home before soccer practice.

    • pfiore8 on November 8, 2007 at 07:17

    but i just stumbled across it after, looking for Peter Gabriel singing “Book of Love”

    take heart, jillian. i feel lost a lot these days too. but sometimes… i think maybe there’s hope as well

    i was going to post this for my pony party, but thought you could use it more

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