i’d rather go hunting with dick cheney

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than go driving in a car with Ted Kennedy

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Really. I read that on the bumper sticker of a parked car: I’d rather go hunting with Dick Cheney than go driving in a car with Ted Kennedy.

I had to laugh. And then I had to ask myself: Is this what it comes down to? Is it this funny, slick, sick, and stupid shit that makes the difference in the mind of voters?

If we are suseptible to these kinds of ideas, then what will happen when if the economic tsunami finally knocks the American middle class on its collective ass? Will there be somebody to blame other than the legislators, lobbyists, and corporate power brokers?

Will we turn on those undocumented workers that have gotten so much press? Yeah, illegal immigrants are an easy target. We can blame them.

Or will we blame Israel because we’re in the Middle East NOT for oil, but because of AIPAC. Hell, all that aid and all the money spent on the war with Iraq (because it must have to do with Israel)…

Perhaps it’ll be everyone who’s sued an HMO. Because we know the health care crisis revolves around the litigious society we’ve become. Yeah, it’s health care consumers who’ve driven this country into the ground.

Or all the injured workers who have ever tried to force their companies to spend money on safety. No. It’ll be all the women who’ve had abortions. Along with all the heathens who’ve never been to church. Let’s not forget that God is getting back at us for tolerating gays in this country… and for even contemplating gay marriage.

Hell, it’s probably the fault of the French, right Jerome?

My suggestion? Is you all better shake yourselves loose of your conventional thinking. And be ready for the finger getting pointed at you. Because we know who’s fault this really is. It’s your fault.


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    • pfiore8 on November 15, 2007 at 16:59


  1. doctor when they get sick. Poor children, why do you hate America?  

  2. who tend to the problems in their lives using a rationality that completely confounds me.  I will never understand them, the successes they achieve using their confounded rationality is always going to be very very hit or miss and when something does go well I think we can honestly lay all the credit on God’s doorstep 😉  From this day forward though I’m going to spend the rest of my days here on earth working just a bit here and there and everywhere to make sure that 29% of us don’t end up running everything for any period of time ever ever again!

    • KrisC on November 15, 2007 at 19:43

    I’d have to choose hunting with Cheney too, because then there’s always the possibility that my gun mis-fire, somehow…

    Do we really care what the Republicans think of us or blame on us….fuck em’!  Fuck em all!

    I blame them for being so hypnotized that they can’t see reality.

  3. undocumented sick French children of married gay parents who support AIPAC. Have I left anything out?

    Oh, and if you do bag the big one KrisC, you’ll probably want to skip the taxidermist. Happy hunting!

  4. Funny as a bastard, but sick none-the-less  😉

    Oh, and fwiw, it’s all my fault.  Everything, everywhere –

    my fault.  (Think this might work?)

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