Hey Kids, Happy Halloween! Trick or Treat? …

Only an hour-and-a-half left for trickin’ ‘n treatin’ here on the least coast, and I didn’t want to let the opportunity pass to give you a little treat for All Hallows Eve.  (Tomorrow bein’ All Saints Day, ya know.)

Anyhoo, with all the righteous (and right, IMHO) criticism bein’ put out by Armando and others about Barak Obama’s in-house gaydar-detector preacher, I wanted to share a couple of links.

Mind you, these are being shared in furtherence of the cause of exposing rank hypocrisy, so no gay bashing is welcome.  (No snark on that one!)

Anyways, here’s a couple o’ linkies for yuz:

Trick:  http://nationalbanan…

Treat:  http://downwithtyran…

Don’t eat too much candy!


  1. thanks, we’ll include them in the wiki.

  2. local guy blames Howard Dean for his decision to run for local office.

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