Ending The Iraq Debacle Is Up To the House

I have long said this. Today, I am proven right:

Senate Democrats appear ready to omit Iraq withdrawal timelines from a supplemental spending bill in hopes of clearing in December funds for the troops — but House leaders have no intentions of following suit.

Good for Speaker Pelosi and good for House Democrats. Now who do we have to worry about? The eternal capitulation leaders, Hoyer and Rahmbo. Watch out for them.


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  1. I’m a bitch too. Wait till my son gets a hold of them!

  2. … the same thing.

    Not holding my breath on Pelosi.  Hope I’m wrong.

    • Pluto on November 19, 2007 at 18:07

    hopes of clearing in December funds for the troops our illegal invasion.

  3. to appear not responsible claim they are powerless and use unfathomable to the layman, political process to hide their true alliances. Thanks you wonks and lawyers for at least making us able to know what they can and should do.

    Read a piece somewhere about how Steny and Rahmbo, are partly responsible for the Freshman Blue Dogs votes, indoctrination and instructions, on their reality. Will call since we don’t seem to have an effective whip, this is one roll the netroots can do. Don’t know if they will listen, their arrogance seems immense.      

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