Coming to America, SF meetup?

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What does America mean to me?

Chinese food and a meeting with mutants!

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I need to return to the land and city of my birth. I sort of dread leaving my dusty little Mexican coastal town and plunging back into the sea of gringos, lol. But it will also be great to see friends and family….and even you guys! I’ll be getting in too late to get over to Sallycat’s meetup in Marin, but if any of you wish to join OTB and I for a nice dinner on the third or fourth of December in SF, let’s work out the details!


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  2. you’re inviting a bunch of mutants to a “nice dinner?” Good luck with that!! (LOL)

  3. buhdy & fellow mutants.   I’m free either day.  

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    I just hope I fit in the door.  

  4. …to fancy being eaten by a bengal tiger has got to be a

      mutant.  I accept.  Thanks for the offer of a ride OTB;

      I accept that also.  Either day is good for me.  

      Maybe I’ll wear a funny hat as well…

  5. would not miss it……

  6. The last time I was there with family, we had some of the workers open gates that had been closed underneath the bridge for security reasons.  I got my name from an uncle who was killed during construction of the bridge along with the entire crew, save one, when the bridge collapsed on a safety net that was wonderfully provided for the occasion.  There is a plaque there for the occasion.

    The Golden Gate Bridge is unusual in that the workers do not come and go but stick with that bridge.  We were treated like family and even got some bolts from the original construction.

    Terrorists will have a hell of a time dealing with that crew.

    Hope I have not given any terrorists a clue but I doubt any terrorists read this blog. 🙂

    Would love to be at the party but…  [sigh]

    Best, Terry


  8. the first thing that popped into my mind was: “Wipers!”

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