Will run? Won’t run? How Al Gore can stop the madness

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Sigh. Look, I’ll be brief. I come here this morning, just a peak ’cause I have other work, seriously, and oh my god, what do I find? Three Gore diaries on the rec’ list, one urging Al to run, one offering in-depth analysis the latest poll data from Gallup on Al’s chances, and one that states categorically as “breaking news” that Gore has ruled out a run completely.. Guess which one made my heart stop? Thankfully, having been on this roller-coaster for a while, I check out the comments and sure enough, Gore has said nothing of the kind , nothing new at all, and who really thinks he would break such a huge piece of news to the Europeans before his own people?

One problem that has been raised, and it’s a very valid point, is how will Gore be able to shift gears from repeatedly insisting, these many months, that  “I have no intention”, “I have no plans” to run for President to suddenly declaring he’s in?  What can he say without losing all credibility and becoming a laughing stock on the evening news? That is what this diary will examine.

What can he say? It’s pretty simple.

Plans can change.

In the light of the worsening situation (insert references to
  – the growing gap between rich and poor in U.S., greatest since the 20’s,
  – the tens of millions and ever-growing proportion of our people who languish without proper healthcare coverage, for themselves and their children
  – the deliberate subversion of our democracy and the systematic dismantling of our constitutional protections ,
  – the unfolding catastrophe in Iraq, where out troops are trapped with no way forward and no way out,
  – the ever-mounting plunder of our treasury by private interests tied to this administration,
  – and the latest scientific data on the planetary emergency which the IPCC report due out next month will reflect),

I feel it is my duty to step forward and run for the office of President of these United States, to serve my country and, with the support and guidance of the American people, should they elect me, to help restore the honour and good name of our great nation.
And that’s just for starters. Now imagine the passion in his voice. I rest my case.


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  1. I too hope he runs, in spite of the ‘Dead Candidate Sketch’ I just posted.


    • RiaD on October 17, 2007 at 19:15

    You KNOW thats where he’ll announce.

  2. to Al Gore, just in case the only reason he hasn’t declared yet is because he doesn’t want the MSM to make fun of him (yet again).
    ~~~ Snarkity snark ~~~ (boy, it’s actually hard to be snarky about Gore!)

    But seriously, you’ve offered some very good reasons why fluid circumstances can/should shape a decision… and hopefully he’s figuring out which reason he will use, even as we speak!  😉

    • DWG on October 18, 2007 at 13:16

    Whether he runs or not, he will make a difference.  That is why I respect him so much. 

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