Will Pelosi Stand Up On Iraq? Let’s Act As If She Will

Buhdy e-mails me about this:

Pelosi made three specific promises on the question of funding the war and on the Congressional battle over FISA: 1) that the House will not take up a war appropriations bill this year 2) that there will be no war appropriations bill next year that doesn’t include a fixed date for bringing the troops home 3) that House Democrats will put up a major fight over the Bush administration’s desire to make permanent the FISA law passed in August, particularly over the issue of retroactive immunity that the Senate has already given in on.

and asks:

Parsing? or Progress?

Here’s my take – let’s act as if it is a real promise from Nancy Pelosi. Let’s praise and cheer her for standing up. Let’s tell her we have her back on this.

Why? Because it has a better chance of becoming true if we react to it in that way. And that is all that matters.


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  1. but that’s critical; I’m still getting over the FISA whiplash.

  2. but no one, even Nancy Pelosi, gets my unconditional support anymore. I want facts. I want to know the strategy. Then I will make my own informed decision.

  3. I was initially tempted to write the W.R. Hearst Headline….


    But even I can’t stretch it QUITE that far, lol.

    But it does look as if she has at least gotten the idea, doesn’t it? We’ll see how it survives under fire.

  4. and simply didn’t see the promise made. She kept talking about the Senate.

  5. Steeling a person’s spine is their job – its called leadership. period. I don’t care if its Pelosi or Joe Shmo. I am not saying anything negative as that I agree would not serve getting out of this war. But overcompensate – no can do. So I will do what I can. Keep my mouth shut and pray for her, and the rest of this dear earth,  that she is what she has says she is.

  6. Individual search warrants and no Telco immunity.

    Cheers Nancy.

  7. I don’t have any further commentary.

    • Armando on October 17, 2007 at 03:09

    covering NOT funding.

    We’re going mainstream people.

  8. http://money.cnn.com

    please, someone explain to me how this “breaking news” breaks down. It was just announced that Comcast and several (largest) telcos escaped Tax ban at the final hour. This was in a HOUSE committe. So who is selling out who?

  9. and getting out of Iraq or how to get the most reccs because I have been working on the former

    • KrisC on October 17, 2007 at 03:27

    if we don’t pay our taxes…I mean, I’m sick and tired of working my ass off so that Halliburton (BushCo) et al. can stuff their pockets with my money, kill people in my name, steal oil from Iraq then sell it back to me-damn it, I already paid for it once!

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    • robodd on October 17, 2007 at 04:11

    fight the fight, by persistently reminding her of them.  Agreed.

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