The Bad, The Bad, and The Ugly

I woke up this morning wanting to write about Cold Warriors. So I had a good chuckle when I flipped the remote control over to the Dkos channel and saw that Kagro has a piece up on one of the breed. Even if he is one of the more cuddly (due, apparently, to advanced senility) of the breed, unlike my two “favorite” Cold Warriors….
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And then yet another, but more horrified, chuckle when I speed-dialed over to TPM and saw this…Norman Pod(spit on ground)horetz going all Godwin up in Ahmed…..ijad’s face. And Fareed’s as well.

Pod(s.o.g.)horetz btw…is Rudy’s guy on “Foreign Policy” (i e, who to bomb next) < shudder >

A couple of weeks ago, Ask A Kossask asked about Boomers and the resentment against them. In it I mentioned that the world wasn’t in great shape when we got it, either….just like we are not handing of a perfect and rosy world to those who come after us. (especially since preserving dry surface areas on the planet seems to be more of a priority, these days)

Well….these are the folks who handed it to us.

These guys were born before WW2 and came of age and came into power during the Cold War….one of the most incredibly paranoid times in world history. And rightfully so, as the human race had new toys to play with that could…especially in the later days….blow all life as we know it off the planet in just about an hours time. And anything that survived would then most likely die in the Nuclear Winter to follow.

Their mindset is paranoid, Us vs Them and Spy vs Spy to the extreme, Black and White…..and all based on the use of force. These are the guys who creamed their jeans when the Soviet (civil, Soviet, civil?) Union failed and America became the Sole Superpower and they could set about conquering the world. In the name of The Most Revered Cold Warrior, Ronald Raygunz.

They did not see the collapse of the Godless Commies as a chance for World Peace…..but rather as a vindication of God, Country and the Military Industrial Complex. Not a chance for World Peace, but as a chance for World Domination.

These are the ideas that we are fighting today. These guys are the Poster children for the saying “when all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.” Force is not just the only thing they know….it is what they worship. As their time on the planet fades they, perhaps like all old men, wish to leave their mark and see their vision fulfilled. The vision of America not as a citizen of the world but as the conqueror of the world. They have one last enemy and one last task (as they see it) before they die. Eliminating Americas last enemy.


And if they need to plunge the entire world into war to fulfill their vision, they will happily do it. Regardless of the fact that their is no real threat to America from Islamo-Fascists. Their mindset INSISTS on war and conquest…even if the goal they seek is the worst possible scenario for ALL the people of the world. Even if they have to create an enemy to do it. Their vision pictures an American Empire in complete control of the dwindling resources of the world. An Island America holding off all comers who wish to steal the resources from Americas control. The resources that America, in their mind, righteously stole first. Either an endless cycle of war as other nations resist American Hegemony…or a complete and accomplished hegemony in which America rules the world by force. Either way, this ONLY accomplishes using up the dwindling resources of the world faster, to wage war. Thus dooming the entire planet to an even earlier demise.

War begets war, conquest and occupation begets only resistance and insurgency and endless war, conflict begets conflict and competition begets competition.

The Cold Warriors vision is a path to sure destruction for ALL of the planet…even America. The only hope for survival that America….and the rest of the world has is to abandon these paranoid delusions born in another different world. Instead of America seeking to conquer the planet, as the Cold Warriors have fantasized about for 60 years, we need to substitute the vision of the best of the Boomers.

A world of cooperation, peace, and as much prosperity for ALL of the world’s people as possible. The Common Good… not just for America, for that just will NOT work. As these Cold Warriors age and die, let us hope that their vision of the world dies with them….and that a new world can be born in their absence. Even though their acolytes/replacements are still here and still powerful for now………Their time is over. IF we can prevent them from starting World War Last before they shuffle off their mortal coil.

It is time for a new world…if we can build it in time.



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    • KrisC on October 30, 2007 at 11:28 pm

    no problem Buhdy, just hire these guys….

    Give them a month, perhaps they can rebuild the world….heh!

  2. this video of Mr. Podhoretz get his ass handed to him at the B&N in NYC? His solution to disagreement – shut up.

    • fatdave on October 31, 2007 at 6:10 am

    and these fuckers? They’re doing Blair’s book of shame in the States too..

    Podhoretz sounds just like O’Reilly and shares a wardrobe with Cheney it seems.

    A terrible failure that he wasn’t egged. There is much power in a well aimed egg.

  3. They did not see the collapse of the Godless Commies as a chance for World Peace…..but rather as a vindication of God, Country and the Military Industrial Complex. Not a chance for World Peace, but as a chance for World Domination.

    I suppose there is no way around my getting to hang with people of this caliber right now, that’s about all that is left in the officer corp of our military ……people who think that everything so far has been a good idea.  I always seem to somehow find the stragglers hanging around on the fringes, people who still think for themselves hanging onto things by their fingernails….they give me hope and inspiration.  I got so pissed though at a Halloween party on post last week.  Listening to all the blah blah blah and finally I spilleth over after listening to all this duty duty duty bullshit when I know I’m listening to NeoCon believers.  Boy howdy don’t we all love throwing that duty bullshit around so long as the duty agrees with our own often bizarre political beliefs.  So I say very loudly, “70% of this country wants nothing to do with this Iraq War bullshit and they are supposed to be from where you leadership derives power, and the people are going to vote what they want to happen in the world with our name on it pretty soon and when leadership changes I had better not hear about any of you fuckers shirking your “duty” when lefties are who your civilian population tells you are your bosses.”  That Militarytracy, she sure has one big mouth sometimes but you know what?  Fuck It! Because I can always choose to speak softly and politely again soon here and they can always choose to not be so fucking Delusional or they can leave the military for a fucking change!  Whew, I feel better.

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