The 2nd Half of the Equation!

A paraphrase:

—With the splitting of the atom, everything has changed save man’s way of
  thinking; and thus we drift toward unimaginable peril…

  paraphrase of Albert Einstein

With the splitting of the atom, humans took on the technological power which was once attributed only to the gods.  But the second part of the equation, man’s way of thinking, did not make a similar leap. 

Thus we are involved in balancing the second part of the equation.  We are involved in the evolution of consciousness.  This evolution is imperative

for the survival of the species. 

Survival depends on adaptation to this evolutionary imperative. 

Will we make it? I don’t know. 

Yet I do know that this is the challenge.

I will contribute more of my ramblings on this subject soon.  Thanks


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  1. Good to see you found your way here. I hope you will expound on this topic.  I’m all for raising human consciousness – ASAP!

  2. because it is, indeed, one of the most important questions we face.

  3. I too feel that this is the crux…..

  4. of mental, emotional and physical development has been met by some advanced human beings among us?  Is the answer to be found in some formula or how-to book?  Where are the people who can show us the way?  Where are the compassionate ones?

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