Rush Supports Children of Marines and Federal Law Enforcement

After Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid wasted taxpayer’s money by attempting to smear a private citizen and to put unprecedented pressure on his employer, Rush took the personal attack in stride and found a way to turn the whole thing around in a way to support the children of fallen Marines and Federal Law Enforcement officers.

Check out the current bids:

Click on “View & Bid” to see the full details of the auction, as well as to see a high-resolution scan of the actual letter. Print out our own copy as a memento!

Whatever the high bid turns out to be Rush has committed to MATCHING IT and is challenging the 41 Senators who signed the letter to do so as well. Will they? How much do THEY support the Children of fallen Marines and Federal Law Enforcement?

And they say Republicans don’t care …



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  1. I think I will become a Republican now!

  2. I have just returned from a remarkably detailed vision of the future, in the year 2067.

    Here’s what I saw…

    In a dusty old attack, the floors and walls are all made of cedar. An elderly man and his 10-year-old grandson are going through some old boxes.

    ‘Grandpa, what’s this?’ asks the son.

    ‘Oh wow, I completely forgot about that. That’s your old great-grandpa’s framed letter from Senator Harry Reid to Rush Limbaugh.’


    ‘Heh. Well, Harry Reid was an old Democratic Senator who didn’t amount to much, but I think he was actually head of the Senate at the time he wrote the letter. But Rush Limbaugh was a famous radio guy back in the day. He was a huge supporter of the Republicans and said a bunch of really stupid stuff pretty much every day. Millions used to listen to him, as I recall.’

    ‘What’s a Republican?’

    ‘I never thought I’d hear the day that question was asked. Warms my heart it does. Republicans are what they used to call the Conservative Party, but they had to abandon the name after the huge fall from grace way back when. A fall from grace caused largely by idiots like Limbaugh. Anyway, the real amazing part of the story is that your great-granddad brilliantly decided to pay almost $150,000 for that letter.’


    ‘Yup, I’m not kidding. Sure woulda come in handy when we needed it too. I pretty much blame Rush Limbaugh for the loss of my leg, you know.’

    ‘You’re kiddin?’

    ‘Nope. If my dumb-ass dad hadn’t spent all that money on that stupid letter, he would have been able to afford health insurance after he lost his job, and I’m convinced the doc’s woulda saved my leg back when I hurt it at around your age..’

    ‘Wow, that’s amazing. You think it’s worth anything today? I mean, isn’t that like spending about a million bucks today, what your dad blew on this thing?’

    ‘Heh. Well, I doubt it’s worth much, but we could always check Ebay. Might be worth a laugh. Let’s go…’


    The vision faded from there.

    Have a nice day, GoRight. Have a nice day.

  3. Is a big fat idiot.

  4. who?

    • skymutt on October 19, 2007 at 7:04 am

    The sting of the criticism from real veterans over his “phony soldiersseems to have gotten to Rush to such an extend that he has felt the need to buy his way out of the situation.  I say this, because no truly altruistic person would make take a shot at their political opponents while making such a donation…

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